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Install a new Tile Floor More than Your Old


Install a new Tile Floor More than Your Old

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A single of your biggest objections a lot of home owners have about installing

A single of your biggest objections a lot of home owners have about installing a new tile floor in their residences would be the mess that tearing out the old floors lead to. In the event the believed of ripping up your old floor is providing you nightmares and is what exactly is stopping you from installing a new tile floor, a brand new Italian tile-Kerlite-may be the option you have been in search of. Kerlite is actually a quite thin tile developed to install over the leading from the old tile floor.

This revolutionary tile brings numerous advantages for the table when contemplating installing a new tile floor. Considering that it omits the should rip out your old floor, it alleviates your property from turning into a construction zone as far because the dusty mess that ripping up an old floor can bring. Simply because the tile is installed more than your old floor, additionally, it makes installing the new floor faster and much easier, which implies much less down time or off limits locations in your dwelling. It may also save you the price of obtaining to possess your tile installers tear out and remove the old tile as well as the debris.

In addition, the thinness with the tile will not have an adverse impact around the height of your floor. The tile was intentionally designed to become thin, but sturdy, so that when it truly is installed over old tile, there is not a noticeable distinction when looking at or walking on the floor. Finally, the cost for installing this tile runs regarding the identical as any other tile, so there is no added expense for installing the new floor on top in the old one particular.

The only aspect of the tile that might bring about you to pause will be the price tag. Every single tile is much more expensive than standard tile, however the funds you save on tear out, plus the hassle and mess you stay away from might be worth the added expense. It might also be worth lastly becoming capable to walk on the new floor of one's dreams.

Versatile Flooring Inc. brings over 30 years of combined experience in supplying good quality floor installation and kitchen and bathroom remodeling to South Florida. We're dedicated to supplying skilled operate and superior customer support to every single client we've got the privilege of serving. Your home is your home and we appreciate producing floors, kitchens and bathrooms you're proud to share together with your family and friends.

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Install a new Tile Floor More than Your Old  A single of your biggest objections a lot of home owners have about installing