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81% of U.S.Abortion Clinics closed in 2015 with More to Follow


81% of U.S.Abortion Clinics closed in 2015 with More to Follow

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81% of U.S.Abortion Clinics closed in 2015 with More to Follow

December 24, 2015 ( In America, abortion clinics are closing down speedily. The current close record in 2015 is at the highest with one clinic shutting down every week. 53 centers have already halted pregnancy termination services this year. As per Operation Rescue survey of December 1, 2015, 11 clinics dispensing abortion pills ceased the services while the same happened with 42 clinics offering surgical method. 81 of abortion clinics have reduced or closed down their facilities in 2015.

The claim of such behavior is pro-life strong campaigning, which motivated many to give birth to their child than terminating pregnancy. Pro-choice communities say that closure of medication and surgery centers for abortion is increasing the wait and appointment time, risking woman’s health. But, national data has something else up its sleeves. On an average the female does not have to wait for more than a week or a bit more to get pregnancy ended, while something as nominal as dentist appointment could takes weeks.

Number of Closures

12 clinics stopped giving out pregnancy ending drugs, and undertaking only vacuum aspiration, as the tablets are being deemed as dangerous or ineffective.

• Some of the clinics closed this year are Planned Parenthood’s Washington, D.C, Columbia Health Center Planned Parenthood, Ocala Women’s Center in Ocala, Florida, and • Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, Indiana.

• 16 clinics halted pregnancy ending surgery services, and now dispense only abortion tablets.

• In 1991 there were 2,176 surgical centers offering pregnancy terminations, and now 81% of these have shut out. A net loss of 9 such clinics recently, amounting to 219 since the year of 2013.

• Presently, 213 clinics serving medical abortion and 517 clinics having surgical facilities are active in the United States, which is the lowest figure in decades.

• This year, 21 abortion centers opened, involving 14 for medication procedure and 7 for surgical regimen. The closed down centers are struggling to re-open by meeting the state laws for safe pregnancy termination.

Reasons Why Clinics are Going Defunct

The reasons to why 53 abortion centers went out of business are as follows:

• Publicity of criminal and illegal activities surrounding use of fetal remains and abortion abuse.

• People are demanding less of abortions and planning to go through full-term pregnancy.

• Earlier experienced abortionists are advancing in age, reaching retirement or face health issues.

• Strong campaign from pro-life groups, and public support around the country at most of these hospitals or outlets.

Pregnancy Termination Trends 2015

Some of the major trends surrounding medical and surgical abortions in 2015 are as given below:

• Medical abortion clinic increased compared to surgical facilities. Planned Parenthood is the main operator for pregnancy termination services.

• Reopening of certain clinics to offer abortion pills supported by state health department that do not have to meet the licensing requirements, applied only for surgical centers.

• Drop in number of medication pregnancy endings.

• Abortion clinic license being revoked on not fulfilling state laws of ambulatory services, security and safety standards etc.

Expenditure on Abortion

Here are more details about how abortion pricing is distributed in the U.S.

• In the U.S. the average expense for first semester surgical fetal removal is $594.74, while that for medical procedure is $568.50. If the woman has insurance cover, then the cost to the regimen decreases considerably.

• The cost to pregnancy termination in Iowa through telemedicine is much higher by $138.17 to $706.67 to that of other states. Its services as intended, has not much helped rural women.

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81% of U.S.Abortion Clinics closed in 2015 with More to Follow 81% of U.S.Abortion Clinics closed in 2015 with More to Follow