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Why MarkusR Large Coffee Press?


Why MarkusR Large Coffee Press?

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Are you looking for some Large French Press Coffee Maker? Firstly read this.

Jenštejn, Czech Republic, February 25, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - This French press is a classy addition to any kitchen - quality craftsmanship with a simple, modern design.
  • Heavy-duty 2mm borosilicate glass carafe fits firmly in the durable stainless steel frame
  • Metal mesh filter delivers flavorful coffee while keeping the grounds out of your cup
  • Sturdy stainless steel lid, frame and handle
  • Clean-up is a snap - you can quickly rinse the filter clean or easily disassemble it to go in the dishwasher

Whille looking for the best French Press for you, you have several possibilities. Very often there are cheap plastic models on the market. In any case, every time you will use this maker, you can wonder what lethal or hormone-altering combination of BPA and other chemicals in the plastic might be doing to your health. Even if your coffee maker doesn't have BPA in it, combining heat and plastic isn't something anybody wants to be applying to its food and drink.

On the other hand glass models made great-tasting coffee, but there could be an opposition from online reviews, these models tended to break after a few years of use. MarkusR Large Coffee Press Maker combines the advantages of glass carafe together with high quality stainless steel frame for maximum durability and beauty.

What Size Coffee Press Should You Buy? Whille thinking about a size of your press. If you plan on making your coffee or tea for guests, then you will certainly want the largest size. There are a lot of reviews from disappointed shopper who purchased a press only to find out that it was much too small for their needs. Also in this case good choice seems to be 34oz (1 liter) large coffee press.

MarkusR Large Coffee Press has all above mentions advantages. We know you'll enjoy your high-quality, durable MarkusR coffee/tea press for years to come.

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Press Contact: Markus Reichenberger Markus Reichenberger Jenštejn, Czech Republic +420 482 317 385
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Why MarkusR Large Coffee Press? Are you looking for some Large French Press Coffee Maker? Firstly read this.