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Markus Reichenberger reaches a Major Milestone


Markus Reichenberger reaches a Major Milestone

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The topnotch French press coffee maker shows how to use the product.

Jenštejn, Czech Republic, April 29, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Now that the French Press Coffee Maker by MarkusR is live on Amazon, the organization now intends to describe how to use the product effectively in order to get the desired taste. Now, users can make the perfect coffee with the French press and it can also lot of fun to prepare also tea, lemonades etc. The coffee maker is the best large coffee press for any household and it will give a clean brew without grounds floating about.

Markus Reichenberger is a company that is based on a strong conviction to deliver our customers' quality and solutions allowing them easier and more pleasant life. The basic pillar is the added value.” Rudolf Vago, SEO said

The French press is definitely a potential coffee happily-ever-after, but as with all things coffee, it ain't rocket science... but it is science! Let's delve a little deeper into how the French press works, and how you can make the best cup of coffee using this tool.

It usually starts with a very coarse grind, maybe at the coarsest setting on the grinder. Good is to note the grind size so there is a possibility of adjustments later: a little finer next time if the coffee is weak, a bit coarser if the taste is a lot of unpleasant, dish-raggy, overextracted flavors.

While there's a maximum amount that your French press will make, there isn't really a minimum. A good coffee-to-water ratio is between 60-70 grams of coffee per liter of water (a mass ratio between 1:16 and 1:14).

Than it continues by adding water. Some people like to add a little water, stir, and add the rest. The important part is what is done after adding the water. Just by siting back and wait out the brew time, it ends with under-extracted brew, because the release of CO2 gas will cause grounds to rise up and float on top of the water. Coffee and water should be mixed gentle but thorough stir at about 30 to 45 seconds in. The sign, that the lid could be putted on and move on to the next step is when most of the coffee has sunk and isn't floating anymore.

The beverage could finished in a few minutes; 3-4 minutes when the coffee is grinding a lot finer and 6-8 minutes with the coarse grind. Both methods lead to slightly different outcome.

After this step, it's time to plunge. French press is a nice, slow, gentle brew. It could be plunged gently. Once the plunger gets to the bottom, it's done!

Since the product was launched, it has been receiving rave of positive reviews, some of which sums up the uniqueness of the user friendly and effective product. Elisabeth Rater - customer “When I opted in on purchasing this press I was actually thinking of my son or my daughter…………. But, oh boy when I used this French Press I was extremely impressed. It says to not use finely ground coffee so I used coarse ground. I like strong coffee so I used several scoops to a few cups of boiling water. I let it set for a few minutes and then pressed down. Such a clever and beautiful thing, I thought, but that doesn't mean I was about to enjoy the results....until I poured the coffee in my cup. The press actually kept the coffee grounds pressed and strained with its stainless steel mesh and press. My coffee was full bodied strong and had no grounds. It tasted delicious. I WILL BE KEEPING THIS PRESS. Sorry Children of mine.”

For more information about MarkusR Large French Coffee Press, please visit Please click here to check out the amazing product on Amazon.

Press Contact: Markus Reichenberger Markus Reichenberger Jenštejn, Czech Republic +420 482 317 385
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Markus Reichenberger reaches a Major Milestone The topnotch French press coffee maker shows how to use the product.