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Tripping Through Cuba


Tripping Through Cuba

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1888 PressRelease - World traveler and adventurer Beth Brennan packed up her cameras and passport to discover the real Cuba, off the beaten path.

SAN DIEGO - Until recently, many Americans have only experienced Cuba through the eyes of the limited media access and have known little more about Cuba than what has appeared in the headlines: cigars, classic cars, the Cuban Missile Crisis, communism, poverty, food shortages, baseball, Marielitos and Castro. Determined to discover Cuba through her own eyes, Finding Woo ( Cofounder and adventurer extraordinaire Beth Brennan packed up her cameras and passport to head off on her latest adventure.

With famed photographer Michael Chinnici as her guide, she headed off to the notable cities of Trinidad, Havana and Cienfuegos, capturing amazing images of the Cuban people and culture, which she has shared on

Brennan observed, "With limited access to internet or video games, the children are seen playing outside in parks, on the streets and even in the boxing ring. Meanwhile, adults are socializing in front of their homes, chatting on the famous seawall in Havana and shopping in open-air markets. Seeing people talking to neighbors and friends and playing games outdoors shows how connected they are and a true sense of community."

She found that the Cuban people are very much a people on the move. In the most literal sense, they are using just about every mode of transportation imaginable - buses, cars, motorbikes, tractors, horses, horse-drawn carts, pedicabs and their own two feet - to get around. In a sociopolitical sense, they are navigating two currencies, experiencing an influx of tourism, having to deal with crumbling buildings and infrastructure, and quickly adapting to exposure to essentially a new world.

"The Cuban people are so friendly and welcoming as well as being incredibly resourceful," continued Brennan. "They are not frozen in time like so many people assume, not at all. In the coverage of this journey, many facets of this culture are explored."

To see videos, commentary and photos from Brennan's adventure in Cuba, visit

About Finding Woo: Created by longtime friends Beth Brennan and Geri Suster, Finding Woo is about navigating the spiritual adventure called life. It is all about play, adventure and even struggle, as these are among life's best destinations. They encourage people to join the journey at
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Tripping Through Cuba
 1888 PressRelease - World traveler and adventurer Beth Brennan packed up her cameras and passport to discover the real Cuba, off the beaten path.