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Dr. Chris Boman: "Pregnancy is better with chiropractic"


Dr. Chris Boman: "Pregnancy is better with chiropractic"

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1888 PressRelease - Pregnancy can be a scary and uncomfortable time using today's maternity healthcare. Studies have shown that incorporating chiropractic care during pregnancy can dramatically improve their pregnancy experience. See what Dr. Chris Boman, a Murrieta, CA chiropractor, has to say about pregnancy and chiropractic.

San Diego, CA - Pregnancy today is often viewed as a medical condition rather than a miracle of life as it should be. There are more tests and interventions in an American pregnancy today than ever before, yet it is safer for ladies to give birth in Saudi Arabia or China than the US according to the maternal mortality rates of developed countries. The United States ranks 50th in maternal mortality of developed nations despite spending more than 86 billion dollars on healthcare and child birth related care. While almost every other country has experienced a decrease in maternal mortality, the US has doubled according to a 2011 study by the CDC. While this statistic might baffle the medical profession and scientists, Dr. Chris Boman, a chiropractor in Murrieta, CA might have an answer.

"I see pregnant women all the time in my office. Sometimes it is for relief from an ache or pain, but most of the time they come in for wellness reasons. Often times these soon to be moms compare their pregnancy experience with those that don't see a chiropractor, and observe a significant difference. Not only do my chiropractic patients experience less physical discomfort, but also less stress overall." When asked why, Dr. Boman said, "The chiropractic adjustment works on so many different levels in the body than just relief from pain; and when you add that to all the education about the pregnancy, labor, and delivery process, my moms are much more physically and mentally prepared.

There are so many medical decisions that these new parents will need to make that, unless they are prepared, can be quite overwhelming. While I don't tell them what to do or not to do, providing them with research about each intervention or test puts the power back in my patient's hands, rather than being at the mercy of their doctor." Some of the tests Dr. Boman mentioned were the blood glucose test, numerous ultrasounds, blood tests, and amniocentesis.

Dr. Boman also talked about the other benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy including lifestyle advice. "Many times women try to work as far into the pregnancy as possible, and most of these ladies have desk jobs. I can't tell you enough how bad sitting for a prolonged period of time while pregnant is for you. Stress at work can also affect the baby so I teach my mom's how to better manage it for them and their baby." Dr. Boman mentioned another side effect of working full time: poor nutrition. "Eating nutrient dense meals is essential for helping the baby develop and grow and to help the mom stay healthy. Full time moms usually have very little time, therefore resort to fast food and microwave meals that don't always provide all the nutrients they need."

To conclude, Dr. Boman provides some outstanding statistics regarding the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. "Moms under chiropractic care from the first trimester experience on average a 25% reduction in labor time. There were no reported adverse effects from chiropractic care, unlike some pain relief medications. Chiropractic can also provide relief very quickly, on average about 2 adjustments provided substantial relief for back pain related to pregnancy. Finally, for women whose baby is presenting in a less favorable position such as breech, a specific approach called the Webster, works with balancing the mom's movement, alignment, muscles, and ligaments in her hips to allow the baby to move as he or she wishes. In one study, 92% of the babies presenting breech repositioned (as opposed to only 9% moving spontaneously), thus helping more moms avoid a possible external cephalic procedure and potentially a cesarean section birth."

Our moms deserve a safer and more effective healthcare approach that would allow them to experience a more stress free and pain free pregnancy. Maybe if more American ladies sought the care of a chiropractor during their pregnancy, we can improve our maternal mortality statistics, reduce healthcare costs, and most importantly improve the pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience for our pregnant women. To see Dr. Chris Boman, you can visit his website at, or to find a chiropractor near you visit
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