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Businesses Are Using Smarter HR Systems To Focus on Retention


Businesses Are Using Smarter HR Systems To Focus on Retention

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1888PressRelease - Business Executives: Employee Retention and Development is Key.

Boston, MA-NH - A U.S. Bureau of Labor has released updated numbers on a statistic they call "quits", or the number of people who quit their job each month. Though averages dipped during the recession, for the last decade, nearly 2% of nonfarm employees have quit their job each month. That's every industry, in the entire U.S. If you have 100 employees, 2 of them will quit each month. This is an alarming amount of turnover for businesses to face each year.

This steady trend has led human resource and company executives to realize that while turnover is inevitable, there should be measures put in place to retain as many good employees as possible. Tim Walsh, VP of sales for SmarterHR says, "The executive of a marketing agency recently remarked to me that it's easier and cheaper to keep and develop." Walsh added, "Retaining is simply a better business model than replacing." This is one reason he is excited about SmarterHR's new software which integrates 137 human resource functions into one efficient platform. Companies struggling to retain good talent can gain an advantage almost immediately with a smooth onboarding process.

When an employee starts a new position with a positive onboarding experience, it brings a feeling of security and professionalism. While onboarding is simply an introduction, Smarter HR has found that companies which have modernized their HR programs through online processes are more likely to succeed. Smarter HR's digital platform can produce reports, reviews, company forms, and documents that provide value to employees. Staff will no longer have to worry about their hours, payroll, or benefits being tracked correctly, because it's all online in a smooth, easy to use platform.

Companies often speak about adding value to their clients, customers, and business partners, but rarely to their own employees. SmarterHR is helping companies take care of their employees by making their HR teams more efficient, reliable, and accurate. Culture, team spirit, and enthusiasm can quickly be crushed by a failure to quickly and accurately process someone's paycheck, time off, or benefits. Other key features of Smarter HR companies are loving include the ACA reporting/PPACA compliance helper, as well as the time off management, accrual, and job listing programs. Companies and institutions can rest assured they will be provided with implementation and support in addition to the software. Locally based phone support is available as well.

Smarter HR, LLC is a Human Resource management company based out of Westborough, Massachusetts. Having been in operation for 14 years, the Smarter HR software is used to manage over 800,000 lives on a monthly basis, all while providing seamless all-in-one functionality to efficiently and effectively manage employees in a paperless capacity. For more information about Smarter HR, visit them online at, or call 866-440-8778.

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Businesses Are Using Smarter HR Systems To Focus on Retention
 1888PressRelease - Business Executives: Employee Retention and Development is Key.