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Lose weight

Lose weight

The New Book of Manfred Popp about Losing Weight Helps Improve Your Health -  The author explains, on the base of his own experiences, how to lose weight for the long run! How you can realize this goal and to the same time to get fitness and a good health.  »
By GCL PRL, created on Jan. 4 2015
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Want to lose weight? Get beauty sleep! -  To improve quality of sleep, various strategies have been suggested by researchers. They include regular exercising, keeping bedroom cool and quiet and using beds for sleeping.  »
By Harry Kelly, created on Dec. 3 2013
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Get fit; feed the hungry! Transformation Challenge To benefit St. Matthew’s House Food Pantry -  Florida Fitness Coaches presents the Transformation Challenge that will donate a pound of food to St. Matthew’s House for each pound that contestants lose in the 8-week program.  »
By Sue Huff, created on Feb. 12 2011
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Free Fitness Class At Fat2Fit Boot Camp - Guys welcome, too! -  Join us for a free class at 5:45am or 7:45pm Available between Sept 2nd. - 9th.  »
By Peter Nagy, Udut, Kenneth, edited on Sep. 2 2010
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