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Lose weight

Lose weight

Want to lose weight? Get beauty sleep! -  To improve quality of sleep, various strategies have been suggested by researchers. They include regular exercising, keeping bedroom cool and quiet and using beds for sleeping.  »
By Harry Kelly, created on Dec. 3 2013
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Get fit; feed the hungry! Transformation Challenge To benefit St. Matthew’s House Food Pantry -  Florida Fitness Coaches presents the Transformation Challenge that will donate a pound of food to St. Matthew’s House for each pound that contestants lose in the 8-week program.  »
By Sue Huff, created on Feb. 12 2011
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Free Fitness Class At Fat2Fit Boot Camp - Guys welcome, too! -  Join us for a free class at 5:45am or 7:45pm Available between Sept 2nd. - 9th.  »
By Peter Nagy, Udut, Kenneth, edited on Sep. 2 2010
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