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Forgotten Cures: Cold Sores

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Cold Sores * Lysine 100 mg.take twice a will start seeing results in 4 days. It can be found in any vitamin section. KissKi88 * Buy a small bottle of Tinture of Myrrh. Remove bottle lid, tip bottle over with tip of finger covering the opening, tip back upright. rub small amount of solution from finger tip to the cold sore. Works on internal mouth or external mouth sores. Bites and stings a little, somewhat like alcohol would. I had a devil of a time finding any Myrrh, but finally found it at Dr. Champion's store at: [Bob Voigt * My dad made us use Kerosene, Just dab a clean rag or paper towel, and just dab on affected area. It WORKS. I am 60 and still use it. Been passed down for years... Butch
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Forgotten Cures: Cold Sores