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Irrational thoughts by rational people (repost)

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Here are 10 irrational thoughts that rational people often fall victim to at one point or another:

-  Mistakes are never acceptable. If I make one, it means that I am incompetent.

-  When somebody disagrees with me, it is a personal attack against me.

-  To be content in life, I must be liked by all people.

-  My true value as an individual depends on what others people think of me.

-  If I am not involved in an intimate relationship, I am completely alone.

-  There is no grey area. Success is black and failure is white.

-  Nothing ever turns out the way you want it to.

-  If the outcome was not perfect, it was a complete failure.

-  I am in absolute control of my life. If something bad happens, it is my fault.

-  The past always repeats itself. If it was true then, it must be true now.

Your life will be more productive if you learn to avoid this type of negative thinking.
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Irrational thoughts by rational people (repost)