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Lajtner Machines - Thought-Run Objects that Make Thoughts Visible


Lajtner Machines - Thought-Run Objects that Make Thoughts Visible

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1888 Press Release - The Lajtner Machine Opens the Amazing Connection between Ones Inner Self and the Entire World.

Dr. Tamas Lajtner, PhD, has designed real objects that are run by thoughts. Dr. Lajtner calls these thought-run objects collectively the Lajtner Machine. Through use of the Lajtner Machine, the force of thoughts becomes visible. Dr. Lajtner has spent the last 15 years researching a working technique to harness the power of thoughts. The Lajtner Machine is based on the results of this interesting and successful research. It will soon be produced and manufactured in the US. More detailed information about the Lajtner Machines world breakthrough can be found at the web site, where the host is Mr. Lajtner, Jr.

A Lajtner Machine is nothing other than a simple object operated by thoughts. Without thoughts, they cannot work at all. They move if the force of thought acts upon them. The Lajtner Machine reveals thought in its true form. Humans need only think Move, and the object moves. If the thought is Push, the Lajtner Machine is pushed hence, the thought Push is visible.

There are several types of Lajtner Machines, four types of which will be found in Box #1. What they have in common is that their thought-induced motion is visible to the naked eye. Box #1 contains no black box. This open design is necessary to convince people that they are able to move objects with their thoughts. It makes it easy to understand how the force of thoughts works. Furthermore, the Lajtner Machine helps people recognize the power of their own thoughts. This knowledge is vital for everyone who wants to use the force of thought consciously.

Mr. Tamas Lajtner, Jr., who is the business manager of the Lajtner Machine Project, plans on selling the Lajtner Machine (the Box #1 set) by fall 2014. According to Mr. Lajtner, Jr., plans for beginning the Lajtner Machines US-based production are still in the seed stage. He invites interested parties and investors to reach him via his website. Mr. Lajtner, Jr., has also started a crowdfunding campaign and invites supporters and backers to help him bring the Lajtner Machine to the market.

Box #1 also contains software which in addition to motion is capable of recognizing mental intentions (yes-no signals) from users who operate the Lajtner Machine. Using the Lajtner Machine, it is possible to run a computer with thought without any headset!

Dr. Lajtner stated, The physics of the Lajtner Machine allows us to understand how thought force works, and this broadens our current understanding of what time, space, and matter actually are. I am convinced that, within the Universe, if there exist intelligent races with technology more developed than ours, this broader understanding of physics is fundamental for them. Our inner, unconscious selves uses it. Indeed, it is no problem to run the real objects with thought. Hence, there obviously exists a deeper connection between us and the World than we know of today. There is an ancient language which arises from a common source. It is within everyone and is in harmony with the Universe. Everything and everyone can understand it and use it.

The Lajtner Machine uncovers this ancient language. For Box #1, I have designed a set of Lajtner Machines that symbolize, in a funny way, how amazingly consistent the Universe is. There are a UFO, an extraterrestrial, a space slider, and a falling star. None of them can move without the users thoughts. Set them in motion, and you will discover your inner Universe, moving real objects with your thoughts."

The prototypes of these thought-run objects work well. The reason that they work is that the Lajtner Machine uses the language both the living and the inanimate recognize. This is the most ancient method of communication. In addition, the Lajtner Machine represents the first step in the future of Thought Technology.
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Lajtner Machines - Thought-Run Objects that Make Thoughts Visible
 1888 Press Release - The Lajtner Machine Opens the Amazing Connection between Ones Inner Self and the Entire World.