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Oh well, I'll just postit here instead I changed a few things to make it work on Articlesbase - hope they like it! logo

Serving Naples, FL and Collier County, FL USA since May 2007, naplesplus is a resource for all things Naples.  Visit for Naples News, Jobs, For Sale,  Business Directory. Videos.It was founded originally as a vehicle to promote the webmaster's  business referral and animal trapping business (there's a combination!).  However, as the months progressed, the website grew into a resource with over 900 members from 14 different countries.  To those who run a business in Collier County, FL, naplesplus has become a way to promote their businesses, as each business gets a free blog waiting for them for when they sign up, and they can post their own pictures, videos, widgets, links, all free of charge.Article regarding


It has become a labor of love now.  The Naples News section compiled news every three hours from all of the major and many of the minor publications in Collier County, FL, including the Naples Daily News, Naples Sun Times, Marco Island Sun Times, and even many off the wall sources which are difficult to find, even through Google.  The Naples Websites section is a unique compilation of local websites for residents and visitors alike, and the power of Naplesplus is that one can freely add their own Naples based websites to the list, without having to beg or plead! Naplesplus has a Wiki philosophy, where the intelligence of the participants increases the greater good.


Further along, the Naples Calendars portion of the website is a growing collection of online calendars, each maintained by their own creators, separate from naplesplus,


But my favorite section is the 33,000 member Naples Business Directory!   I'm constantly adding new businesses as I find them, attempting to give the best keywords for each business.  The most satisfying thing that happens, though, is when a local business owner FINDS their page on naplesplus and starts recreating it in their own image!  Truly satisfying.  I'll receive a phone call now, about once a week from a business person who has come across their page on naplesplus.  At first, they're skeptical.  They think I'm going to charge money.  But I'm not - it's free, for I believe that if you support the local economy, help businesses in your neighborhood, it keeps the money local and keeps people sohpping locally, benefitting the local economy in very tangible ways for a long time to come.  They are so thrilled to find out that it's free!


Why would anybody advertise another's business for free?  Well, I don't know why anybody else does it, but I do it because I'm a small business owner myself, and it's sometimes very difficult to drum up business, especially in these rough economic times.  As the recession/depression continues, local people must band together and help each other out

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Posting about naplesplus rejected by Articlesbase in this format. Oh well, I'll just postit here instead :-)  I changed a few things to make it work on Articlesbase - hope they like it!