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A place for Webmaster ideas, tips, tricks, materials culled from the Internet and usenet and from my own self.

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Naples Taxi inc -  Naples Taxi, inc is the Best Taxi Company in Collier County by Naples Award. Contact Naples Taxi to try the Service  »
No Input File Selected NGINX PHP5 Solved -  fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $request_filename; in nginx.conf - not the one in the tutorial!  »
The Importance of Mobile Marketing Design -  Mobile marketing is all the rage these days.  »
Tricks and tips for hyper-local online marketing. -  Some great tips for getting associated with your local area online for free.  »
Thoughts on Web 3.0 by Kenneth Udut -  There's too much focus on the technology of "personal service" in the Web 3.0 models. It should be about connecting people and ideas, seamlessly.  »
15 minute SEO list
Info from 2007 on "Why is my website tanking". Still good today! -  I made a copy of this very excellent posting just so it doesn't get lost!  »
Misc Search Engine Bots thanks to! -  This is my copy in case iplists goes down (or my home computer crashes) Source:  »
Search engine robots that visit your web site by John A Fotheringham. -  List of robots and where they come from, thanks to research by John Fotheringham! Search engine robots that visit your web site by John A Fotheringham.
Source:  »
Search your local library with Worldcat
Webmaster Tools - Rich Snippets Testing Tool -  new from Google! You can test your rich snippets - fantastic!  »
The trouble with running a hyperlocally focused website. -  One man's thoughts on running an online service geared to the local population.  »
WOLFRAM|ALPHA SEARCH - find facts, figures about anything. -  From the Mathematica people.  » - interesting new search engine. naplesplus is on there, in a weird way. - is a brand new search engine from some former google employees...  »
Integrating Google Friend Connect into YACS CMS - uses Google Friend Connect now.  »
Posting about naplesplus rejected by Articlesbase in this format. -  Oh well, I'll just postit here instead I changed a few things to make it work on Articlesbase - hope they like it!  »
We're listed on WeGoPlaces and ListAfterList! -  naplesplus is listed as a visitor bureau, which it is - electronically that is!  »
Naples: Use AdWords by Google to bring in customers! -  See these Naples ads on this page and on naplesplus? You could have one of them too and get more customers!! Adwords is such an open field in Naples that you are bound to ge on top, fast!  »
Trackback to naplesplus -  Sites linking to  »
Introduction to Google Search Quality -  Good to know stuff.  »
Signup for cheap Naples Webhosting from only $5.42/month -  You may sign up here or go to
Switched to Embarq DSL - check out the results - not bad!
Open Source Content Managementt List (repost)
Spock: Verb -  A new word entering the online lexicon.  »
Spock yourself! -  Do you google yourself? Try spocking yourself!
Spock, Rapleaf and People Search Engines of Web 2.0 -  Certified reputation? I'll play along.  » and compared -- The Best Search Engines! from UC Berkeley (thanks guys!) -  Recommended Search Engines: Tables of Features  »
Techniques to get More Traffic to your weblog by Ashish Thakkar -  ...Blogging page no different from a website page...  »
Top 30 Social Bookmarking SitesGoogle Cache of original site  » statistics -  more gratuitous self gratification  »
Amazing Riaa Photos - List of keywords that get the most clicks! -  But super geek's awesome, billion people page, boots water's wikipedia brain!  »
Most expensive Google adsense keywords. -  Ken Udut of NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping (239) 465-9291 Collier County, Naples, FL found this page and thought it was interesting.  »
XML-RPC Ping Servers Used by Wordpress and -  From:  »
8479 internal links on this site on 527 pages indexed by Google! -  Good job!  »
Facebook, Friendster Signal Changing Tide
When designing niche sites, your only 3 objectives to know/do are: ... -  From yahoo answers - excellent advice for webmasters!  »
It Takes a Community to Raise a Successful Business
Linkreferral spot. -  Oh,it's here.  »
Link Sharing Site - open for all! -  Make money sharing links with others, who share links with you, who shares their links with others still and so on, and so forth, forever and ever.  »