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Vacation LA 
Los Angeles Luxury Vacation Homes, Luxury Vacation Rentals Los Angeles

In Los Angeles Luxury Vacation Homes Luxury | Vacation Rentals Los Angeles

Joe Liepke062

created by Joe Liepke on June 21

Naples Taxi inc
Naples Taxi, inc is the Best Taxi Company in Collier County by Naples Award. Contact Naples Taxi to try the Service
Figaro Gaston0145

created by Figaro Gaston on Dec. 15 2014

How do I modify my NAPLESPLUS business listing or find out more about this business? 555
Is the address wrong? Want to add a phone number? Web address? Get your listing taken off? Become an editor?

In Business | Claim | Collier county

Udut, Kenneth727,294

on Feb. 4 2014

What's new on naplesplus (Collier County's Electronic Village, Naples News) 555
behind the scenes in our naples fl location. (our only location!)

In 14th | 15th | Advertising


edited by Udut, Kenneth on Sep. 23 2011

Our Local Guru
A Trademark I forgot about.

In Affordable trapping | Naplesplus | Neighborhelp referrals

Udut, Kenneth0773

created by Udut, Kenneth on Aug. 11 2010

KML (thirty-nine total) for Collier County Business Directory. Naples, Marco Island, etc. Google Maps, Earth, etc. 555
KMLs / Google Maps entries are broken up into smaller files, under 1000 entries each (not as large as before)

In Business | Collier county | Earth

Udut, Kenneth43,554

commented by Udut, Kenneth on Jan. 22 2010

HOUSE CLEANING NAPLES FL, 24/7 Online Scheduling - FREE Estimates -

In Cleaning | CLEANING SERVICES | Condo clean


commented by Brad on Nov. 25 2009

Friend Connect 444

In Collier county connect | Friend connect | NAPLES


on Oct. 22 2009

Naplesplus is now CommonTag enabled! 555
The new CommonTag (see ) will revolutionize the ease at which tags are shared.

In Commontag | Commontags | Dbpedia

Udut, Kenneth3979

commented by Udut, Kenneth on Jul. 14 2009

HReview-aggregate support on - an experiment 555
Google's upcoming support for hReview-aggregate microformat got me thinking and making modifications...

In Business | Google | Hcard

Udut, Kenneth21,351

commented by Udut, Kenneth on Jul. 6 2009

Compliments 555 TheTrekhippy0730

edited by Udut, Kenneth on June 30 2009

URL SHORTENING VIA rev="canonical" and rel="self alternate shorter shorturl shortlink" now on naplesplus. 555
It's little used yet, but support is growing.

In Canonical | Semantic web | Shortcuts

Udut, Kenneth01,197

edited by Udut, Kenneth on June 26 2009

Wow! We're on - check it out! 555
Sindice is a semantic web index - Web 3.0 is coming.

In Naplesplus | Semantic web | Sindice

Udut, Kenneth2856

commented by Udut, Kenneth on May 28 2009

335 new business categories on naplesplus + new phone numbers for 4600+ local businesses #swfla 444
I've finally gotten around to it.

In Business | Businesses | Categories

Udut, Kenneth0811

published by Udut, Kenneth on May 15 2009

RDF of Naples (Fla.) #authorities 444
Library of Congress Classification

In Authorities | Classification | Loc

Udut, Kenneth0344

link posted by Udut, Kenneth on May 7 2009

NAPLESPLUS IS LISTED! (Open Directory - Regional: North America: United States: Florida: Counties: Collier: Guides and Directories) 444
We're listed in DMOZ USA - horray!

In Collier county | Counties | Directory

Udut, Kenneth0286

published by Udut, Kenneth on Apr. 14 2009

New Additions to naplesplus through December 15, 2008 444
Added almost 1000 new Naples Florida businesses, 1200 native + non-native Collier County plants in the new Collier County Plant directory, colier county schools information and more!

In Additions | Business | PHYSICIAN


created by Simplify3 on Dec. 16 2008

Informational posting about 444
Posted to and reposted here for archival purposes and informational purposes.

In Youtube


created by Simplify3 on Nov. 11 2008

Top 100 tags on naplesplus (tagcloud) 555 Simplify31333

edited by Simplify3 on Jul. 30 2008

What's the PLUS in NAPLESPLUS? 444

In Government | Organizations


edited by Simplify3 on Jul. 18 2008

Sites physically located near naplesplus - using 444
up to 40 km away from this website!

In Counties | Geo | Geocode


created by Simplify3 on Jul. 2 2008

Google Friend Connect is coming! The Myspace killer! 555
If naplesplus is accepted, all 560+ users on this site will be a part of
Google Friend Connect.

commented by Simplify3 on June 29 2008

Naples Public Insurance Adjusters-incorrect listing 444
NPIA or Naples Public Insurance Adjusters is listed incorrectly on your site - please note - I am the owner & have updated the correct information with the local phone company - the correct address is P.O. Box 770801-Naples, FL 34107 -phone 239-262-1128 or 239-596-4738 - email - thank you -please acknowledge Ileana Ramos



commented by Simplify3 on June 29 2008

NaplesNerds now hosts! 444
Collier County's Electronic Village (unofficial) is now being hosted by naplesnerds!

In Hosting | Naples web hosting | Naplesnerds


created by Simplify3 on June 28 2008

Naplesplus outage should be fixed now. 444
I think I pulled 57% of my hair out tonight...

In Hosting


created by Simplify3 on June 27 2008 has almost 100,000 visitors since opening a year ago! 444
100,000! Wow!

created by Simplify3 on June 13 2008

Added advertising to - please patronize! 444
The infamous Google Adsense ads have made it to naplesplus. They had to!

In Advertising


created by Simplify3 on June 10 2008

Naples Blue Book needs beta testing and feedback. 444 will be a social, business and organizational networking space for Naples, FL and surrounding areas.

In Business | Myspace | Naplesbluebook


edited by Simplify3 on May 26 2008

Added automatic "magnifying glass" for links - lemme know what you think! 444
naplesplus now has automagnifying links. Makes it fun to click.

commented by Simplify3 on May 20 2008

500 users on! 444
Wow! We have 500 registered users on!

In Advertising


created by Simplify3 on Apr. 7 2008

IP Address Ranges for Naples, FL internet users that are probably safe. 444
No guarantees here, but I'm going to assume the following IP address ranges are safe:



edited by Simplify3 on Sep. 25 2007

Heavy "hit"ers to naplesplus 444
This is list of servers over a three month period who have been hitting naplesplus very heavily. Some are good, some might be scrapers.



edited by Simplify3 on Sep. 15 2007

Stay away from LOOKSMART - it WILL lower your Google Pankrank and listing! 444

In Foot | Google | Looksmark


edited by Simplify3 on Sep. 4 2007

A couple of wonderful naples, fl sites. 444



created by Simplify3 on Aug. 31 2007

Technorati Profile 444
Technorati Profile

In Technorati


edited by Simplify3 on Aug. 31 2007

Our cool cloud thanks to IBM Alphaworks! 444
Check it out!

In Alphaworks | | Ibm


edited by Simplify3 on Aug. 3 2007

Embarassed! New users were unable to see our front page for WEEKS now, and I had *no* idea! 444
A knot in my stomach, to realize all of that advertising was totally wasted.

In Chat | Embarassed | Lee county


created by Simplify3 on Jul. 31 2007

Outage! fixed! 444
There was an outage from fri 5pm to sat 9am.

created by Simplify3 on Jul. 28 2007