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Best social networking service? The pool.

avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on May 13 2009, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

Here in SWFLA and everywhere now, poolside is a better social networking service than myspace, fubar or facebook combined!

"During my working career, breaks at the water fountain and/or coffeepot had long been the place to exchange information, ranging from new ideas and family news to office gossip and/or rumors. Now that I’m a retired snowbird, living part-time in Florida, I think our condo pool has replaced the water fountain exchange.

Recently in the press, I read various articles reporting that researchers are finding positive health benefits resulting from social interactions. The New York Times science section (3/23/09) had an article entitled, “What are Friends For? A Longer Life.” In this article, Tara Parker-Pope writes, “Researchers are only now starting to pay attention to the importance of friendship and social networks in overall health.” She also shares that Harvard researchers found that strong social ties could promote brain health as we age.

Moving to some growing ideas on the Internet, I find that the business world is also using social networking. The phenomenal growth of Twitter is just one example of how a free service is reaching out to millions in a fairly short period of time. I had heard CNN and other networks using its quotes before I understood what Twitter was all about.

A few days ago, I decided to take a poolside poll. I asked some people who were relaxing poolside to respond to this question: “What have you learned at the pool?”

Here is a sampling of their responses:

Jule: “How nice people are.”

Mary: “It’s a place to meet people.”

Michel: “I should keep my mouth shut.”

Marjolaine: “Wow. The best place to get to know others.”

Ron: “Many people don’t shower at the pool.”

Bev: “One should listen -- I only talk when I think someone needs to know.”

Sandy (with a laugh): “Oh, God.”

Cathy: “What’s going on in the neighborhood.”

Earl: “I learned there are some jokers in the crowd.”

Maureen: “Nothing today.” (Maureen is the chairman of our condo board and I figured she was pleased that no one wanted to complain and/or talk about condo issues.)

John: “Ask my wife.”

Kim: “The names of some good restaurants, and also a plumber.”

I could respond with a “Ditto” to most of their remarks, while adding that, unlike the water fountain at work, I’ve learned that the pool is an ideal place to take a nap.

Who knows? Maybe some researchers will study the health benefits of relaxing by the pool."
-- UNDER THE SUN: Pool best social network Under_The_Sun
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Best social networking service? The pool. Here in SWFLA and everywhere now, poolside is a better social networking service than myspace, fubar or facebook combined!