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Interesting ways to use chicken, save money and get creative! Frugal!

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Recipes: De-Boned Chicken Pieces - FYI - from my mother.

Buy Chicken Leg Quarters in Inexpensive Large 6 or 10-pound Bags. Use a large stock pot to boil all of the chicken at once. Add a few sticks of washed celery, carrots, and onions (it's not necessary to cut them) to the pot while boiling for extra flavor, adding a few teaspoons of chicken bouillon powder and any spices, like rosemary or thyme, that you like. After the chicken is completely cooked, remove the chicken pieces. Allow the chicken to cool before removing the skin, de-boning and freezing in individual containers. Toss the bones and skin back in the stock pot and simmer for another hour or so before straining the bones, skin and vegetables out. Refrigerate the stock after it has cooked and skim off the solidified fat the next day. Freeze the jellied chicken broth to use as flavoring in place of or in addition to water when cooking rice, mashed potatoes, beans, etc.

Or Buy a whole roasted chicken on sale, de-bone and dice pieces. Boil bones for stock

Uses for De-boned Chicken Pieces:

Add chicken broth, mixed vegetables and pasta, noodles, rice or dumplings (cut can biscuits into 4 pieces and drop in pot and heat in pot until dumplings, rice or noodles are done

Fried Rice: Add cooked rice, soy sauce, garlic, salt, pepper, peas and carrots, and stir-fry in wok or large frying pan, stirring in 2 beaten eggs while it's heating.

Divine: To chicken add cooked broccoli, white sauce or a cream of soup, top with cheddar cheese. Bake in casserole dish at 325* for one-half hour.

Sandwich: Slice chicken and place with (or w/out) cheese on bread which has been spread with mayonnaise or mustard. You can also place the chicken in the blender for a chicken spread.

Pulled Chicken: Warm with diced onions & Bar BQ sauce. Scoop onto rolls, add cheese slices.

Chicken & Gravy: Cover with cream of mushroom soup, add mushrooms and cook, serve over mashed potatoes, stuffing or egg noodles.   

Fettuccini Alfredo: Add ½ Cup Parmesan cheese to cream of chicken soup, cook, pour over cooked fettuccine pasta and add cooked peas.

Chicken Salad: Dice chicken and mix with mayonnaise, sliced celery, onion, salt and pepper. Use for sandwiches or add to cooked pasta. You can use Italian dress instead of mayonnaise

Stir Fry: Add to package of stir fry vegetables, with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. Serve over rice.

Lo Mein: Cook with broccoli, garlic, olive oil and soy sauce, salt and pepper; adding cooked linguine and warm to bend favors before serving.

Scampi: Fry lots of garlic in butter, add yellow rice. When rice is done, add diced chicken. Heat

Spanish Chicken with Rice: Dice chicken and heat with olives, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, garlic and, other spices you like (such as hot pepper, saffron, or chili powder). Pour over cooked yellow rice and peas.

Mexican: Add chicken to beans and rice dish, adding chili powder or other spices to taste.

Sweet & Sour: Sauce: cornstarch in cold water, smooth, add 1 small can of crushed pineapple, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper, add chicken pieces and heat until sauce is thick

Greek Lemon: Heat chicken in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, S & P Can sprinkle feta cheese on top

Enchiladas: Roll tortillas with chicken, black beans, cheese, salsa. Place in casserole, pour enchiladas sauce over all, cover and bake 350* about ½ hour.

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Interesting ways to use chicken, save money and get creative! Frugal! Recipes: De-Boned Chicken Pieces - FYI - from my mother.