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Fixing Kitchen Disasters Too salty? Too hot? Too gummy? We have the fix here.Udut, Kenneth

on Nov. 12 2010

Frugal Corned Beef uses
Categories: Corned beef, Frugal
Udut, Kenneth

on Mar. 3 2010

Frugal: 25 Cheap Foods that are Good for You (2009 prices) - FYI
Categories: Food, Frugal

on Aug. 27 2010, edited on Aug. 27 2010

Frugal: Casserole "Cream of .... Soup" Mix - FYI Make your own Cream of mushroom, cream of celery style things.
Categories: Casseroles, Cheap, Frugal

on Oct. 14 2009, 555

Frugal: Cold Drink Treats - FYI From my mother
Categories: Drinks, Frugal

on Aug. 5 2010

Frugal: Steak by Any Other Name - FYI Another FYI
Categories: Frugal, Hints, Meats

on Oct. 29 2009

Fyi easy chocolate mousse 2 ingredient desert
Categories: Cool whip
Udut, Kenneth

on Jul. 9 2010

How to extract pure protein from cheap flour. Rinse those carbs down the drain.
Categories: Do it yourself, Flour, Protein
Udut, Kenneth

on Dec. 8 2010, commented on Dec. 4 2012

How to get 10 Meals for 4 People from 3 Chickens! Another great set of hints collected by my mother. Her FYI series. This is what she did when we were kids.
Categories: Chickens, Family, Food
Udut, Kenneth

on Jul. 20 2009

How to save big money on ground turkey breast by DIY. I used my Ninja Master Prep. I hear a Magic Bullet works as well, or a meat grinder, or food processor.Udut, Kenneth

on Nov. 27 2010, 555

Kefir making with powdered milk. Kefir is so easy to make!Udut, Kenneth

on Feb. 9 2011

Make Greek Yogurt for 1/2 the price! It's so easy, you won't believe it.
Categories: Coffee filter, Do it yourself, Greek yogurt
Udut, Kenneth

on Dec. 7 2010, 555

MEAT SAUCE BASE plus 18 variations your family will love! Another great FYI put together by my mother.Udut, Kenneth

on Aug. 30 2009, 555

Naples Taxi inc Naples Taxi, inc is the Best Taxi Company in Collier County by Naples Award. Contact Naples Taxi to try the ServiceFigaro Gaston

on Dec. 15 2014

Recipes: 10 Meatball Meals - FYI More of the fyi series from my mother, this one is all about meatballs.
Categories: Fyi, How-to, Meatballs
Udut, Kenneth

on Aug. 30 2009

Seitan: Homemade Wheat Protein Collection of information I'm getting on the cheapest source of protein I can find in the supermarket.Udut, Kenneth

on Dec. 7 2010, commented on Dec. 8 2010, 555

STEVIA - how safe is it? Stevia, a zero calorie natural sweetener - article by SparkPeople
Categories: Agriculture, BULK PLANT, Education
Udut, Kenneth

on Feb. 11 2009, 555

What spices do I need to use? The List. Amazing everything chart of spices and foods.Udut, Kenneth

on Mar. 25 2011