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Frugal: save 30% on everything by paying cash.

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"...Pay with cash.
Unless you are paying by mail or online, pay with cash. We’re talking about food, gasoline, clothes, restaurants and all of your day-to-day spending. Cash is the real thing. Everything else (checks, debit and credit cards) is just a “stand-in,” in the same way that poker chips are stand-ins for money in a casino. Statistics show that consumers spend at least 30 percent more when shopping with plastic, and that includes your debit card..."
Mary Hunt
Use the Envelope System.
Make a budget  
Have a separate envelope for each category and write the category on the front.
Put the amount allotted into each envelope.
Have one envelope for "pocket money" or this system won't work.
As you remove bills to pay for groceries, etc, you will see the "pile" go down.
This is a good reminder to be careful of your spending so you don't run out of money before the next paycheck. You'll be surprised at what you don't really need, that you just wanted it.
To have Savings if you don't have a bank account:
Take a large clean glass jar, glue the lid (which you have cut an opening) on with some type of crazy glue that is permanent. Pay this jar first when you get your cash. When it is REALLY needed, place in a strong paper bag and lightly tap with a hammer. Very carefully pick out the money.  Years ago, this was how I would have the money for doctor and dentist visits. Diane
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Frugal: save 30% on everything by paying cash.