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The Importance of Mobile Marketing Design

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Mobile marketing is all the rage these days.

Mobile marketing is all the rage these days. Using the mobile medium as a method of marketing communication, information is distributed using various forms of advertising or promotional messages to consumers, prospects, customers and the general public through wireless networks. Look to an Orange County SEO services provider for mobile promotion strategies for your focused marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Defined

Mobile devices like cell phones provide consumers with personalized location and time sensitive information designed to promote products, services and ideas in order to generate value for businesses and other stakeholders. It is estimated that around 7.96 percent of all U.S. web traffic is comprised of mobile traffic. Also, according to Google, approximately 20 percent of all search traffic is from mobile devices. Therefore, Orange County SEO service providers recommend that all websites be optimized for mobile devices. Otherwise, many visitors will become frustrated when looking for information quickly, due to the difficult to navigate smaller screen sizes carrying too much data.

An Equation Research study called What Users Want from Mobile indicated that approximately 74 percent of all mobile users generally wait a mere 5 seconds for mobile pages to load prior to abandoning them. According to Facebook, around 488 million users are accessing their pages on the Facebook mobile app. This has created a substantial and robust marketplace that no business should ignore.

Responsive Web Design

Orange County SEO services use responsive web design techniques to allow websites the ability to be viewed on mobile and tablets devices using smaller, mobile optimized formats that are easier to read. Below are some tips that web developers advise for mobile apps:

1. Ensure that phone numbers are clickable on tablets and phones. This is essential so that users can access contact information immediately. Chances are, consumers are out and about looking for businesses, so they will need to find company information quickly.

2. Refrain from over-visualizing with flashy websites that take a long time to load and look confusing on the small screen. Instead, skip added imagery and get right to the point with a clean, interactive design.

3. Take the sounds off. Many people are not fans of loud music on websites. Also, when people are away from home and perhaps in an office or other environment, they do not want the embarrassment of their phones making loud noises while they search for information.

Finally, present only the most useful data. Mobile websites that are packed with too much information are only frustrating for mobile web visitors. Remember that the regular desktop version of the website can include all of the bells and whistles that are left out of the streamlined mobile version. Using these tips, every business can use mobile marketing in the most effective ways possible.

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The Importance of Mobile Marketing Design Mobile marketing is all the rage these days.