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A Good Nap For Detoxication Of Brain


A Good Nap For Detoxication Of Brain

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Regular sleep rejuvenates the body and helps brain to store and process the information.

22nd October 2013 ( : We agree to enormous benefits of sleep and eager to display our love towards it. Regular sleep rejuvenates the body and helps brain to store and process the information. It is one of the basic needs necessary for survival. Sure, you know all this. Researchers have discovered one more fact to help you bolster about your lifelong love. They have concluded that regular sleep is essential for brain to clear away the harmful trash that is built up during the day.

Researchers found that clearance of waste is responsible for restorative nature of sleep. During daytime, when the person is awake, these neural by-products get accumulated in the brain and are removed when the person is asleep. They observed living mice’s brain with the help of new scanning techniques to know how the brain disposes its wastes.

Lymphatic system which is responsible for cellular cleaning, doesn’t work for brain. It was revealed that brain has its own glymphatic system for this purpose. It pumps cerebral-spinal fluid through the brain’s tissue to flush the waste into circulatory system. During this time, cells of brain shrink for smooth removal of waste. Shrinkage is controlled by a hormone called noradrenaline. The waste eventually reaches to liver and gets destroyed.

Amount of energy used by brain increases when this process is in progress. Functioning of glymphatic system requires high amount of energy which is possible only during sleep when brain is not working on another stimuli.

A plaque building protein called amyloid-beta which is associated with high risk of Alzheimer’s disease is also cleared during this process. Researchers hope that this information will throw more light on Alzheimer’s studies.

This study was carried out on mice and thus conclusions may or may not apply to human beings. Researchers expect that if more knowledge is garnered about working of glymphatic system, it can be used in ‘dirty brain’ or degenerative brain disorders to artificially channelize the process of waste removal.

Meanwhile, tug your blanket, sprawl on the bed and get yourself a good nap. You may never get Alzheimer’s.

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Jack Williams is a Health Content Writer For, adviser by profession. He is completed his post graduation in Bio-tech. And he is working with this new pharmacy in the internet market there many topics he has written for this and he got the good experience.
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A Good Nap For Detoxication Of Brain
 Regular sleep rejuvenates the body and helps brain to store and process the information.