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Got shrooms? THIS guy is shroomin' and he's a local!

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Aug. 2 2007, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

Zachary L. of Naples, Florida, you look SO HAPPY! NOTE: This is an Actual Police Photo from August 1st, 2007.

Is this not the happiest guy on earth?

Can SOMEBODY PLEASE put this guy's face on a T-SHIRT that says, "Got Shroom?" or "shroomin'" and "Actual Police Photo" under his pic? There's money in this mugshot! Here's the story:

Teens busted with 'shrooms in Golden Gate cow pasture

By Daily News staff

Originally published — 12:19 p.m., August 1, 2007 Updated — 2:33 p.m., August 1, 2007

Four teens were arrested Tuesday afternoon after a Collier County Sheriff's Office agriculture deputy found them gathering mushrooms in a cow pasture.

Zachary Lafrennie, 17, 3332 Timberwood Circle, was charged with possession of a controlled substance-hallucinogen and trespassing about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at the east end of 16th Avenue S.W. in Golden Gate Estates. Lafrennie was carrying a plastic, zip-top bag containing mushrooms which are hallucinogenic and illegal to possess.

In addition to Lafrennie, a 17-year-old boy, a 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy with him were charged with misdemeanor trespassing. Their names are not being released because they are charged with misdemeanors.

The arrests occurred after a deputy was patrolling the area and saw a Jeep parked on the side of the road with footprints leading to a cow pasture. Other deputies arrived to help search for whoever was inside the pasture. Deputies located Lafrennie and the three other teens about 500 yards inside the fenced area.
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Simplify3 on Aug. 2 2007 edit · delete
Man, I can't get enough of this drug induced happiness! I'm too old for this stuff but it's surely for the young. And he at least WORKED for his trip. I wouldn't want an airline pilot shroomin' but a bored kid in the summertime before school? Priceless!
Simplify3 on Aug. 3 2007 edit · delete
My comments from the NDN website:

Oh, I'm sure Zach will be fine. I don't know him or the other kids involved. But people recover after newspaper articles. You go through the system, pay whatever fines you are owed, serve whatever time the law says you need to serve, stay on your probation for whatever they say, take flak from family and friends, gain some friends, lose some others, and life moves on.

Hopefully, lesson learned. Better to make small mistakes now when you're young than to make big mistakes later on.

Meanwhile, my little tribute to his police photo (it's all in good humor, as "this too shall pass") can be found at:

If it bothers any family, just lemme know (click "Post a new reply" at the bottom of that page) and I can take the last name off.

It's just that his full name and pic and situation just goes together so perfectly (from a marketing point of view) - he'll be a hit in college. If you get some tshirts made (support your local tshirt making businesses - there's plenty in town that'll do it - just look up PRINTING like

and word spreads to whatever college he goes to (he has to go to college, man - I went to college with kids who looked like him 17 years ago and they were always the smartest beat-the-system type kids who could get the grades but could also have a good time) - he'll socially fly right through college.

"If you've got something that makes you 'stand out' from the crowd, use it to your advantage until you can 'stand out' in the ways you WANT to stand out."

For you have to stand out - to be out_standing.

But don't worry - I'm not getting any shirts printed up

Ken of Golden Gate Estates
Simplify3 on Aug. 3 2007 edit · delete
They're talking about his picture on a macintosh! forum here:

46 posts and 416 views so far! I tell ya, Zach is gonna be hot stuff! You heard it here: First.
Udut, Kenneth on Jul. 30 2010 edit · delete
It continues! See full article at:

Four Lehigh Acres residents face trespassing and narcotics charges after Collier deputies say they plucked hallucinogenic mushrooms from a Golden Gate Estates cow pasture.

Their arrest was the third involving mushroom-picking at the site by Collier deputies since June 17.

The report gave the following account:

The pasture’s owner called deputies and said he was watching three people pick mushrooms in the pasture, near 16th Avenue SW. As a deputy pulled into the property, he saw a fourth individual run out of the pasture and into a wooded area. The deputy arrested the man, later identified as David Santana, 22.

Three other suspects had been caught by the pasture owner, who found them hiding behind a tree with a white grocery bag full of psilocybin mushrooms, which are hallucinogenic.

The suspects were identified as Donelle Paterson, 19, Marisa Libutti, 22, and Brandon Dowdy, 23, and all were charged with trespassing and possession of a hallucinogenic controlled substance.

On June 17, two suspects were arrested in the same area. Three more arrests were made a week later.
Got shrooms? THIS guy is shroomin' and he's a local! Zachary L. of Naples, Florida, you look SO HAPPY! NOTE: This is an Actual Police Photo from August 1st, 2007.