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Home-based Business ideas


Home-based Business ideas

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100+ ideas - geared for women but men too can do all of these things.

Work at Home and Small BUSINESS IDEAS
Capitalize on a growth trend- You can do this by offering a product or service that is complimentary to the popular product or service, so watch for growth trends in your magazines, etc. and then introduce your product or service that "goes with" that product.
Cater to a "discarded" market- You can do this by supplying products that are no longer "readily" available such as old car parts, etc.
Combination packages- Try combining complimentary business or services or products to make your "combination package" business. An example for this would be..."Say...Husbands for Hire". You would contact businessmen such as plumbers, electricians etc. to be your work force and then your business is the combination of these resources.
A shortage business- This is especially good for your local area. Find out WHAT is lacking and provide that service or business or product. An example is my town there is not ONE lumber yard. NOWHERE to buy lumber. Also there is only 1 plumber in the whole town!
Create a demand product- You can even "make it up"! One company did it by offering an award to "find" a fictitious character and then even started producing T-shirts etc. to sell!

More work at home business ideas below...

More Home Business Ideas - Small Business Ideas...
Offer to expand market areas for local businesses- Offer local businesses in your area a chance to become more nationally known by offering your marketing services.
Become a Forensic Accountant - One of the newer areas, and also the fastest growing area, of accounting is forensic accounting.
Start an Accounting Home Business or Small Business.
Freelance Writing : A Career from Anywhere!
Home Biz Ideas Goldmine - 1035 Ideas! Imagine getting paid $23 - $164 per hour to just work at home in your spare time. Tips, tactics & 1035 ideas to get started.
Start a Photography Business from Home - Anyone with the right camera equipment, and the necessary skills can set up a home business, marketing photography. You need only to convert a room of your house into an office, and then you can work immediately.
Mortgage Brokering as a Freelance Business Opportunity- In the mortgage business there are two foundational areas of involvement. One is the position of "loan officer," the other is working as a "broker." The loan officer for the most part earns from what is called "personal production," which means you are earning from what you are able to personally produce by bringing mortgage business into your employer's office. In some cases you may be paid a base salary and/or draw, but then you will be paid less in commissions by the company (broker) you are working for.
Start A Hauling/Shopping/Taxi Business- Here is a simple business anyone with a van or SUV can perform: haul stuff for other people who don't have a way to do it themselves
Guide To Successful Forex Trading as a Home Business - If you were wondering; forex trading is nothing more than direct access trading of different types of foreign currencies.
Niche Catering- Vegetarian Catering Business- Catering is a popular business. Starting a niche catering business will guarantee you a segment of the market.
Failed products- See if you can locate a product that has failed and see if you can re-invent it or reconstruct it someway to make it more useful and marketable.
5 Reasons Master Resale Rights Are A Good Home Business Decision - Owning a website can and should be a very profitable endeavor. A good way to make money online is by selling ebooks and software with Master Resale Rights.
Keys To Starting Your Own Clothing Company- Ever wanted to start your own clothing company? Its not as difficult as you think. What do you absolutely need?
Under used talents and experience- There are probably a lot of older people in your community that have a lot of talent and experience that could be put together as a business or even as a book of information to be sold! Find these talented older people and help them while at the same time starting your own home business.
Judgement Recovery as a Small Business - The Judgment Recovery Business is an opportunity for enterprising individuals to earn a very good living enforcing court money judgments. The general methods by which they collect court judgments are the same state to state.
Throw away stuff- You can take things that some business throw away and then take it apart and start a good business, such as outdated computers, etc. there are still good parts in a lot of throw away things!
Mystery Shopping - An Excellent Way To Make Extra Money
Imitation businesses- If you see a good business that could stand a little competition, then give them some! Remember those one size clothes that came out that everybody was wearing?
Resale- Find a good product for this one and then start a resale business. You could even focus on one product such as "teapots". Hunt at all garage sales, etc. and then start your own "teapot" business. Clocks is another good one! Fixing up old clocks
Packaging- Offer a packaging or wrapping service to your local merchants.
Selling Products on Ebay - One key for business success using eBay is sourcing products to sell
Event Planning- This is a good one ESPECIALLY if you also furnish the supplies and rentals needed! be sure to network with locals for providing ALL the extras such as invitations, banners, balloons, the works!
Work At Home Hosting. -Earn $15 per sale! Work at Home Hosting and Web Site Building with Reciprocal Links Manager. No Need to Know Html!
Start A Cookie Business From Home. Step by Step guide for starting a home bakery business.
Earn $7,000 Monthly With Google! I Will Show You Proof! - Work at Home Only 1hr A Day. Limited Time Offer! Act Now!
Work At Home Small Business Ideas. Affiliate Programs, Auctions, Bartering, Consulting, Drop Ship, Mail Order, Mystery Shopping, Real Estate, Travel, Yard Sales.
Home Based Business Dropship Wholesale. Home based Business Dropship Package, Easy Conversions!
Information or consulting business- Offer locals your "research" ability! You can "find" what they need and will spend the time to find it, example: A company uses steel for their products...your service to that company could be to locate all wholesale steel companies, compare prices, quality, shipping info, etc., saving the company valuable time!
REALLY small repair business- How many of you have little broken china cups, figurines, etc. that are still waiting to be repaired? Why not offer this service to your community? Have them "box it up" and bring it over.
Herbal recipe books- Could be presented for cooking or herbal qualities, etc. Might even sell little herb pots.
Menu Planners- You could provide a family's menu for the week complete with a shopping list of things they will need. To be really industrious, you could even offer shopping services.
Weight Loss buddies- You could offer your "companionship" to people who want to lose weight and need someone there to make sure they are following their diet, doing their exercises and drinking their water! I myself would PAY for this service!!
Home organizer- where you go in and make a home organizing solution plan or actually do the organizing for them.
Home business set-up service- where you consult with someone over all the procedures, zoning laws, home office set up tips, etc. You could even network with local businesses for suggesting their services as part of your package such as CPA's, office furniture stores, printing companies, etc.
Newsletter Service- There are probably SEVERAL businesses in your area that would like to mail out a newsletter about their business but do not have the time.
Extra curricular activity manager- a service that you could provide for Mothers who work and need someone to make sure their children get to go to all their after school athletics and activities.
Recycle clothes- where you take old clothes such as jeans etc. and make purses, bags, book covers and more out of them. Add a little crafty art and voila!
Heirloom maker- You could make family heirlooms out of ordinary items such as a tablecloth whereby you paint or stitch family names, birthdays or more! An idea would be a tablecloth that was used every year on a child's birthday where all the kid's names who attended the party, were added each year.
101 uses- This can be done 101 ways!! 101 hamburger recipes, 101 ways to to organize space, 101 ways to do anything...and then sell the pamphlet or book.
Homemade candles- is a big business right now and there are tons of kits to start making your own unique candles!
Handmade paper books- another popular item right now is the handmade journals and diaries that have unique handmade paper in them.
Home printing business- This is a very easy idea and all you need is a good printer and some great advertising. You could start by offering your printing services locally to churches, school groups, etc.
And even MORE work at home ideas..
Professional Spot Remover
Garage Decorating/Organizing
Alterations and clothing redo's
Unique flower arranging using unusual items like high heels
Mirror painting with artwork
Lampshade painting with artwork or stenciling
Window shade artwork
Hmmm what can you do with old tennis shoes?
Jewelry repair
Carpet Cleaning
Family Recipes Organizer
Bed and Breakfast
Window Washing
Co-Op Coupon Mailing
News Clipping Service
Collectibles Broker
Antique Restoration
Balloon Delivery service
T Shirt Printing
Custom Aprons
Label making for home recipes
Computer cleaning service
Home office starter baskets with pencils, the whole bit...
Welcome baskets for realtors to give to new homeowners
Hat cleaning service
Old coat repair
Some cute remote control and tv guide holders
Bill reminder service
Wake-up call service,... you would be surprised....
Errand runner service
Appointment confirming service for people who work by appointments, (You call and confirm their clients appts)
Information manager where you go in and list all their valuables for the Insurance company, take the pictures...
Garage sale organizer where you even provide them with the tables, labels, signs and more...
Home party booker and organizer
Homework monitor/helper where you can make sure that kids are doing their homework before Mom gets home
After school creative classes for just about anything, painting, sculpture, writing...
Lunch runner where you visit the office, take the orders and then deliver
Professional "spot" remover
Cabinet and pantry organizer...I would pay for this too!!
Homemade sachets for drawers, etc.
Lamp and lampshade repair
Filing system organizer
Scanning services (if you have a scanner)
Portrait and picture repair
Virtual assistant/secretary service
Pillow making
Chair recovering with unique fabrics
Just about anything for pets is profitable, pet sitting, walking, etc.
College homework editing, research, etc.
Resume service
Birthday reminder service & can include gift shopping
Calendar creator with family pictures
Daily planner where you organize someone's day according to their schedules
Garage organizer
Flower starter business
Landscaping artist
Curtain cleaning service
Car cleaning pick up and deliver while they are at work
Reservation maker for vacations, dinners, etc.
Prom night planner for beauty appts, dress pick up, limo etc.
Wedding gift organizer for bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc.
Form maker for billing, bills, supply lists shopping lists and more
Equipment maintenance
Luggage repair
Bicycle repair and repainting
Unique Business Name ideas
Contest organizer
Tree planter
Home shrub business
Hanging plant business
Theme baskets
Kitchen organizer
Flower bed digging and turning
Recipe organizer
Recipe books
Any kind of information books and pamphlets
Book repair
Paper maker
Picture matting and framing
Doll making
Child furniture painting
Craft Kit organizer
Craft classes
Video recording
Family photo organizing
Pool Cleaning
Boat Cleaning and Detail
Vintage Clothing Repair
Scrapbook making
Kitchen tile repair
Refrigerator decorating!
Anything on magnets
Home decorating service
Private Investigator
Birdcage cleaning service
Backyard poo poo cleaning service...quit laughing!!
Aquarium cleaning service
Birdhouse repair and repainting
Record research
Genealogy research
Home Canning
Crochet or Knitted items
Picture Frame Decorator
Handcrafted Fireplace Screens for off seasons
Home-made natural soaps
Home-made bath salts and bubblies
Handcrafted car mats
Decorative Boxes for anything from stationery to clothes
Internet Surfer for resources for businesses
Test Grading for Teachers
Calorie Counter Meal Planner
Form Typist
Rubber Stamp Business
Swimming Lessons
Music Lessons
Ebay Trading Assistant
Yahoo Store Owner using drop shipping
Web site designer
Hosting Company Reseller
Telecommunications Reseller
Home School Organizer
Handcrafted Checkbook Covers
Regular Booklets of How To's
Price Checker... where you check out prices for people to get them the best deal
Coupon Advertising and Mailing Service
Time Management Specialist
Apartment Cleaning
Greeting Card Mailing Service
Word Processing
Medical & Legal Transcription
Medical Billing
Software Trainer
Personal Coach
Color Consultant
Animal Behavior Consultant
Relocation Consultant
Basket Weaving & chair caning
Jewelry Designer
Limo Service
Reunion Planner/Organizer
Seminar Organizer
Massage Therapy
Translator/Translate books and Documents
Work At Home Nurses
Postsurgery and Recuperative Care-Giving
Homeopathic Counselor
Childrens Game Designer
Kid's Craft Gifts and Kits
Child-Identification Program
Baby-Child Proofing Service
Plant Doctor
Packing and unpacking service for people moving. Instead of "Two Men and a Truck, you could be "Two Women and Bubblewrap"
Local Moving service
Old book and magazine dealer
Graffiti Removal Service
Aquarium Maintenance for Residential and Commercial
Publish a personalized newsletter for families
Real-Estate Appraiser
Manage Vacation Home Rentals
PR Agency
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Home-based Business ideas 100+ ideas - geared for women but men too can do all of these things.