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California Law on Abortion May Twist Religious Freedom of Pregnancy Centers


California Law on Abortion May Twist Religious Freedom of Pregnancy Centers

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California Law on Abortion May Twist Religious Freedom of Pregnancy Centers

November 19, 2015 ( Around 800 women annually seek counseling, free pregnancy test, and other healthcare services at El Cajon, Calif center, which encourages females not to get pregnancy termination done. But, a new law, ‘Reproductive FACT Act’ requires clinics to post information regarding where to get legal abortion services. This has sparked a debate surrounding religious freedom, as the clinic in question is motivated by Christianity values and staunchly against termination of an unborn child willingly. Several pregnancy centers are in protest against this law, asking the court to strike it down.

The center states itself as a nonprofit, pro-life, religious, and free medical clinic, which is licensed by the California state. The executive director, Josh McClure says that most women come to their clinic due to free services, and discuss their options to parenthood and pregnancy with qualified counselors and doctors. These women are not much financially stable, and the clinic makes sure they receive enough care. Not every staff is a medical adviser here. But, there are nurses and volunteers who guide women.

The client is initially confronted by volunteers who have a conversation regarding her situation as to what she decides to do about the child, life, and who all are involved. Then, she is taken for a pregnancy test. The examination room is clean with necessary aesthetic elements intact. The woman gets a free ultrasound and then if she is positively pregnant, the doctor discusses about three alternatives- parenting, adoption, and abortion. However, the center does not advise female to seek pregnancy termination.

But, the counselor discusses about benefits, side effects and responsibilities to all the three options. But, the nurses retrain from indulging information about pregnancy ending service providers, giving plenty details about baby care and adoption centers though. Neither are they told about how to buy abortion pill online. The clinic involves in letting woman know about risks to pregnancy termination and the expenditure. McClure says that as the gestation period lengthens, the chances to invasive procedure for termination, sterility, perforated uterus, emotional side effects increases with the risks and expense. However, this does not mean that pregnancy termination services are illegal in the state, or there are no safe service providers, or that the procedure will surely cause damage to women. Neither do the clinic’s pamphlets are as per the leading research organization, as these state a link between pregnancy termination and breast cancer, which is admonished by the National Cancer Institute and other medical communities. The statement about increased clinical anxiety & depression, and risk to suicide is also busted.

But, now the clinic has to inform the clients that pregnancy termination safe and legal rights exist and there are valid providers to this health service, which are of low cost or subsidized as well. The medications used for fetus eviction are FDA approved, and in emergency care where woman’s life is at risk, the services are pretty more justified than carrying on with the birth of the child. Autumn Burke who is linked to the Reproductive FACT Act says that she has come across many false notions about pregnancy termination that misinforms people, and these need to stop.

Though the clinic is still in tug of war by suing the state over the law, the decision on the Act is still not reached a conclusion, and has to be applied by the center until decision is taken. While many support the clinic’s point of view, others go in hand with the State. Those supporting the center say that they have every right to propagate their religious freedom as constitutional right. But, those in favor of the state say that every woman has to be informed of the available options, and cannot be discriminated on ill found rumors.

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California Law on Abortion May Twist Religious Freedom of Pregnancy Centers California Law on Abortion May Twist Religious Freedom of Pregnancy Centers