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Forgotten Cures: Blood Poisoning

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Blood Poisoning * My sister ran a pitch fork threw her foot while helping to put up hay, and she developed blood poison. My Uncle Chester's mother who was full blooded indian made a poultice for her foot. We went out and gathered sassafrases. She washed the sassafrases then enclosed it in a white cloth. Taking a butter knife she pounded this until it was pulverised and very juicy. To this was added 1 Tablespoon of sugar and enough can milk to make the poultice very damp. Se rubbed the concotion together then it was applied to my sister's foot. The poultice was replaced with a fresh one as needed. It was like a powerful drawing action that pulled the poison into the poultice. Gloria * My grandmother was a treating Dr. in the old days. I had blood poisoning after sticking a rusty nail in my foot, with a streak about 5 inches up my ankle. She treated it with wood roaches in rubbing alcohol on a bandage the same way. It drew out the poison. I always keep in on hand. Sounds gross, but works. PickinFrawgs
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Forgotten Cures: Blood Poisoning