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Forotten Cures: Bruise

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Bruise * When you get an injury that will result in the appearance of a bruise, if you will rub a bit (1/2 tsp?) of Arnica gel on it immediately---- NO BRUISE! Honest...really works..... Pam * My Dad used to tell me that he would go to the local 5 and dime and they would sell leaches (blood suckers). He would put one under his eye and in minutes...the bruise is gone. Tom * If you bump against something, and you know its going to bruise, than rub some Vaseline on effected area and there will be no bruise. My son was at the doc's office and fell out of a chair and hit the floor head first. I put some Vaseline on the swelled area that was starting to bruise. The next day i just knew there was going to be a bruise, but there wasn' my surprise! Weird, huh. Lisa
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Forotten Cures: Bruise