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Forgotten Cures: Burns

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Burns * For small burns: Keep an aloe vera plant growing in you home. Break a prong of the aloe vera plant off and squeeze the gelatin like juice onto the burn. It will stop the sting and heal fast. Willa Dean "Dee" Sides * My wife was making salsa one fall . We likeit quite hot . She was cutting Jalepenos , Tai Hot , Cherry Bombs , Fire Peppers , Cayenne , Chilli , Hungarian Hot Wax , Habeneros , both Red & Orange varieties . After she was done who hands has chemical burns from the capacien in the pepers . We tried all sorts of things , called poison hot lines ect , only keeping her hands in ice water stopped the pain . We have since learned that two of the most effective treatments for these burns , usually they are in the mouth , especially the tongue , are chocolate and milk . Chocolate milk works really well . A good tasting antidote. Tom Cummons * My Brazilian wife swears by an old South American indian remedy for minor burns. Urine. If burned, just put some urine (preferably your own) on the burn and it will prevent blistering and take away most of the sting. Tom J. * The best thing I have found id Bag Balm for burns; it works well on cuts and dry, cracked skin too. It takes the pain away quickly and heals without a scar or a small scar if the burn was deep. Bag Balm is what farmers use on cow teats to keep them soft, supple and clean. Maggie Plasker * This cure was completely by accident. My mom and I were frying some fish for dinner, and the bread crumbs were building up on the bottom of the pan. So I went to scoop out the crumbs from the oil with a spoon. Somehow the oil rolled backwards down my thumb. I was burned on my entire thumb. I sat down tto make a salad, dipping my thumb in and out of ice water, but when I started to peel the cucumber, I noticed the burning has stopped. So I peeled long slices of the cucumber, wrapped it around my thumb and covered it with gauze. 2 hours later, when everyone came for dinner, I took off the wrap. There were no blisters, no pain. Only a very faint pink mark...and no scar. Denise T.
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Forgotten Cures: Burns