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Forgotten Cures: Colic

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Colic * If your baby has colic just get into a hot bath with the baby. Both of you will relax and the colic will quickly disappear. You and the baby will be able to sleep!! Cynthia * Speaking from experience this really works. When our first baby was born he screamed the first 5 months of his life. When he was 5 months old and after trying all the medicine the doctor told us to try and several old time remedies, sitting on the dryer, taking him out for midnight rides, changing his milk to every king they have, putting peppermint and karo syrup in his bottles; even taking him to have a massage( by this time we would have tried anything) nothing seemed to work on him. So I called my Great Aunt who worked with a pediatrician for 30 years and told I we were going crazy with no sleep and we needed something fast. She told me to take a quart size jar and put 6 ounces of eagle brand milk and 3 ounces of karo syrup in the jar then fill the rest of the jar with boiling water and stir it up real good. Then I gave him a 2 ounce bottle around noon then another around 6 o clock that afternoon. It was very sweet but he liked it and it did stop his colic. The only thing that we could figure out is combining the eagle brand milk and the karo syrup together. Who knows but it worked and he gained weight and he sleeped a lot better. Amy Murphy * Pure Olive Oil works great for babies with colic. Give them a teaspoon full, and in 15-20 minutes, they are quiet. It not only coats the stomach, but it helps when they use the rest room. An old Mecican lady told me about this and it sure works. Too bad I didn't know about this until my 4th baby. Believe me, it worked on her and my 5th, and I have used it on several of my 11 grandkids. Sharon Rojas * I have a great cure for colic that I used with my second child, and wished I had known with my first. Take a quarter of a small onion and boil it in a small sauce pan. After about five minutes of boilng, take 2 oz of broth and 2 oz of cold water, and 1 tsp of karo syrup and place in a bottle. Give bottle to baby. This helps the desire to suck, and the onion breaks up the gas. Child stops crying IMMEDIATELY, and is back to sleep in 15 minutes. Jennifer * A good standby to have is fennel. Steep the seeds like you would make a tea. Give 1/2 to maybe 1 oz as needed (luke warm). DO NOT ADD HONEY if giving it to a baby. Tinybbrn2 * We went through a long battle with colic with our second child and an Indian friend from India told me to go to an Indian store an by "Gripe Water" follow the directions and serve.. the name sure fits I'm unsure how much to give so you want to follow the directions...and it worked wonders. Debi * I have a newborn daughter who is just now 2 months old. She screamed herself to sleep for the most of the day one day. I called the health department to make sure it wasn't a formula problem as she had just been switched from Enfamil to Similac. She is lactose intolerant. Wic provides lactose intolerant formula, but in similac, not Enfamil which is what she was on. The lady at the health dept. asked me a few questions, and we came to the determination that the problem was not the formula, but Gas! She told me that other than Mylicon (which can be purchased almost anywhere), that she had an old remedy. I asked her if she would share her remedy and she was happy to. She told me to find an orange tree, pick some leaves off of it, wash them, make a tea of them by boiling them in water which also sterilizes the tea, and add a little sugar or Karo syrup to taste, and give it to the baby. It is all natural so it won't hurt baby. I tried it and it worked like a dream. I recommended it to a neighbor(who I got the leaved from) for her neice to try, and she said it did the trick for her baby as well. Orange Tree Leaves! It really works. The doctor also added that it was completely harmless for the babies, and we could give them as much as needed. Melissa * This colic cure saved mine and my husbands sanity. Our son is 21 months old now, but when he was a lot younger, he had a small bout of colic. Our doctor recommended Carbo Veg granules. He was claer within a week as is anyone else who tried it. Im not sure if you can get it anywhere other than Wales, but it is brilliant. Chelle Wales, UK * I was desperate to find a way to cure this and was unable to get paregoric from a doctor. I tried different things and found this works, without fail. It is cheap and easy. You need: hot water bottle (the rubber kind) towel hot water You fill the water bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel (so you don't burn the baby). You place it in the middle of the babies bed. Place the baby on top of it with the bottle immediately under the babies stomach. Do not over fill the bottle, maybe only half full (think about it). Pat the baby's back gently until it goes to sleep. Then go to bed and get the good nights sleep you desperately need. Robert * For stomache aches or colic in babies, you can boil cut up onions in water. Then, pour into bottle and let itcool down. It lets the babies pass gas and it is very soothing for them.Onion watercould also put them to sleep. Jessica Sulez * My daughter was colic from the time i brought her home from the hospital and i was living with my grandmother, and she told me to do this. I didn't think it was going to work, but it did and fast. The first time I used it on my daughter, she drank about a half oz., and then didn't want any more, so i put her on my shoulder to burp her. Man if you could have heard that burp - - no, no a belch is what she did. It was unbelievable. After she BELCHED she went to sleep and slept for 5 hrs without waking up. She was about 1 month old. So get a piece of real peppermint candy, and melt it in hot water. Once it is cool enough to give to a baby, give it to a baby -- just like this. DON'T mix with milk, that causes souring on stomach. Lisa * When our son was a couple of weeks old he had the colic bad at the time I was in the navy and the doctor we had would not give us anything for it so we took a small medicine bottle and but an ounces of beer in it shock it to get all the gas out of it and gave it to him he never had the colic again and the doctor love the idea. DEKKit9
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Forgotten Cures: Colic