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Recommended Search Engines: Tables of Features

Some Ways the Recommended Search Engines Differ:
Search Engine GoogleYahoo! Search
Links to help Google help pages Yahoo! help pagesAsk help pages
Size, typeHUGE. Size not disclosed in any way that allows comparison. Probably the biggest.HUGE. Claims over 20 billion total "web objects." LARGE. Claims to have 2 billion fully indexed, searchable pages.
See tests and more charts.Biggest in tests.
Noteworthy features and limitationsPopularity ranking using PageRank™.Shortcuts give quick access to dictionary, synonyms, patents, traffic, stocks, encyclopedia, and more.Subject-Specific Popularity™ ranking.
Indexes the first 101KB of a Web page, and 120KB of PDF's.Suggests broader and narrower terms.
~ before a word finds synonyms sometimes (~help > FAQ, tutorial, etc.)
Boolean logicPartial. AND assumed between words.Accepts AND, OR, NOT or AND NOT, and ( ). Must be capitalized.Partial. AND assumed between words.
(term definition)Capitalize OR.You must enclose terms joined by OR in parentheses (classic Boolean).Capitalize OR.
No ( ) or nesting.No ( ) or nesting.
In Advanced Search, partial Boolean available in boxes.
#NAME?- excludes - excludes - excludes 
(term definition)+ will allow you to retrieve "stop words" (e.g., +in) + will allow you to search common words: "+in truth"+ will allow you to retrieve "stop words" (e.g., +in)
Sub-SearchingSort of . At bottom of results page, click "Search within results" and enter more terms. Adds terms.Add terms. Sort of . Add terms.
(term definition)
Results RankingBased on page popularity measured in links to it from other pages: high rank if a lot of other pages link to it.Automatic Fuzzy AND. Based on Subject-Specific Popularity™, links to a page by related pages.
(term definition)Fuzzy AND also invoked.
Matching and ranking based on "cached" version of pages that may not be the most recent version.
Field limitinglink:link:intitle:
(term definition)site:site:inurl:
Offers U.S.Gov't Search and other special searches. Patent search.url:
(Explanation of these distinctions.)
TruncationNo truncation. Stems some words. Search variant endings and synonyms separately, separating with OR (capitalized):Neither. Search with OR as in Google.Neither. Search with OR as in Google.
Stemmingairline OR airlines
(term definition)
Language  Yes. Major Romanized and non-Romanized languages in Advanced Search.Yes. Major Romanized and non-Romanized languages.Yes. Major Romanized languages. Use Advanced Search to limit.
TranslationYes, in Translate this page link following some pages. To and sometimes from English and major European languages and Chinese, Japanese, Korean.Yes.No.
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Comments and compared -- The Best Search Engines! from UC Berkeley (thanks guys!) Recommended Search Engines: Tables of Features