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Udut, Kenneth bio

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It's short, one I posted for a reunion website.

Left Roselle Park High School after 8th Grade (I was "pre-frosh") then went to Vail-Deane in Mountainside, NJ for one year, which ended up becoming four years!

Went to Hampshire College in Amherst MA - a hippie school where you have a lot of fun, there are no grades and everybody is ultimately responsible for themselves. I didn't realize that and had fun but academically was kapooee.

Had various jobs - computer store technician, Microsoft Excel guru, stockboy, Radio Shack employee (see a pattern?), data entry, all geek stuff.

Now I live in Naples, FL. i run a business referral service from home called NeighborHelp Referrals and support my brother in animal trapping for the local area. Pays the bills and it's kinda fun. Oh, and I own a goat named Fred.
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Udut, Kenneth bio It's short, one I posted for a reunion website.