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The Future of Confidential Hiring is Here


As an employer, we know you try every possible avenue available to acquire and attract quality candidates. Many of today's on-line job board websites are loaded with resumes, however, we find a majority of these resumes to be people that are either unemployed, losing their job or unhappily employed.

QuietHire is designed to attract, acquire and maintain candidates that are happily and gainfully employed. These candidates are likely the ones that will never post their resume on the internet but, they might be willing to hear about a new employment opportunity! This is a valuable group of available candidates for your corporation or company. QuietHire is solely designed to reach this population.

We are a totally confidential and anonymous employment-related website. Our candidates fill out a profile that asks only for experience and credentials, never asking for a name or current employer. This allows a candidate to hear about new career opportunities without ever jeopardizing their current position. Our partnership program, free to subscribing corporations, allows employers one more opportunity to capture a group of interested candidates!

For the employer, with a subscription to, you can not only have unlimited access to our database and job searches but you can also place our embedded Logo on your careers page within your own website. This will allow you to capture any candidates that might be leaving your website because they didn’t find the position they were looking for or perhaps felt uncomfortable leaving their resume. Through this link, candidates can place a confidential profile in a designated area on our website that would then be available for you to access later for future open positions.