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Ken's notes to self

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Here kitty kitty (video, PG for language) funny! Talking cat
Happy Garden: How To Make Compost Tea
Kenneth Udut -  Kenneth Udut is getting everywhere.  »
Forwarded: Brings You Local Restuarant Savings
25 Healthy Snacks FYI
Fw: Frugal: Make Your Own Hot Beverage Mixes - FYI
Fw: naples events
Testing blasckberry 7520
A safe place to send money to help Haiti - FYI
Remember Them - What They Look Like Now
56 Uses For A Pencil
Frugal: Dollar Stores FYI
How To Tell If Your Feet Smell Very Bad
Quotes From Famous People About Money
Brine for a Turkey
Hiroshima 64 Years Later...
How to tell the difference Between a Cold and H1N1 Flu - FYI
Live Long Enough To be a Real Concern to your Kids
Recipes: Easy Diet-Diabetic Desserts - FYI
Hints: Uses for Lemons - FYI
utterli works GREAT with YACS!
Beauitful Bridges
Created Naples Utterli group
TechnoPark of Naples FL registered for patent.
darned phone line is down :-(
October 13, 1582 did not exist. Missing time?
Recovery from stock market crash in sight?
Poem about getting older
whoops - long urls DO work on utterli!
Darn, looks like short urls only for utterli!
Merry Christmas - new things happening to naplesplus (Naples, FL)
Udut, Kenneth bio -  It's short, one I posted for a reunion website.  »
Happy Halloween!
Fwd: e udut
Udut connections -  this is where I'm putting all of my udut connections, emails, etc.  »
a test of the quick post feature just added to -  It may be ugly, but it may work.  »
How-to: Blogging to your YACS CMS using
Just added 26 new Naples businesses to directory
Businesses newly added to + more -  businesses + schools recently added to naplesplus.  »
Google Friend Connect is now in a limited testing phase - and naplesplus is a part of it!
Goodland FL (Collier County - near Marco Island)
Keep it clean. Keep it all clean. Let not a wind
Wild Oats is moving - but everything 1/2 price!
Golden Gate Estates, Naples, Collier County, Fl -  Finding local stuff about Golden Gate Estates (Naples, FL)  »
cat tipping over a vase in a nanosecond
11 Tips for Evacuation from your home! (hurricane, flood, fire, etc) - from FlyLady
Wilson Plaza new store openings (Naples, FL) -  more updates found here.  »
Don't worry about the coyotes, Naples Florida.
Kitty Wigs