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Naples News, Jobs, Business Directory, For Sale, Videos, Events | NAPLESPLUS - serving the area of Collier County, Florida!NAPLESPLUS! Serving Naples, Marco Island, Golden Gate Estates, Ave Maria, Immokalee, Collier County and bits of Bonita Springs and Estero,too.
MINECRAFT: Levi's Nightmare: Rules and Notes -  Levi's Nightmare is an Adventure Map for Minecraft.  »
You may not be able to help yourself. -  Thoughts.  »
+1 has made its way to Naples, FL -  We've now installed G+ to this Collier County, FL site.  »
Where have all the heroes gone? -  "Where have all the heroes gone?" (a cool person is what we would have, at one time, called a "hero") I've spent a lot of years wondering when I would find "my people". I know my people are out there, but I wondered. Then I started looking at people, really looking. And I started to see that the existential loneliness exists in all places with all groups with all individuals. People who do things alike find a kind of comradery. Women comparing makeup. Guys into the same football team. People going to the same church / listen to the same band / like the same movies. Yet they are themselves just reaching out for some kind of "together" feeling. And damn, it's hard to find. You get it in fits and spurts, bits and pieces. It usually involves some kind of "social lubricant" like alcohol, drugs, religion, music, hobbies. So what are the cool people? They're people you "get" and are know just a little bit more than you and can teach you a thing or two. A mentor and a friend. They're a lot like you. Or they're somebody you can teach. Or they're at your same level. THey get your jokes, you get theirs. A friend. And where are they? Probably sitting at home and going about their lives wondering where the cool people are too. The more specific it is, the more likely you can find it on the internet. But IRL? You have to like common things so you can go to the common places to find the common people. It's there. You just have to lower your expectations a tad and you'll be okay.
Ken's weird radioactive nightmare, Part 3, Dec 6 '09
One Liners -  Add it!  »
Why catchphrases get on your nerves. Do you care? "Not so much" -  Some catchphrases need to die. If you find yourself using them yourself, beware!  »
NAPLESPLUS FOAF -  FRIEND OF A FRIEND BASIC RDF for naplesplus members.  »
I'm testing out the w.blogger interface.
Ask Kenneth Udut of Naples, FL a question. -  A mahalo answers widget. Scroll down and ask me a question.  »
Consider creating a Naples POI map for GPS -  With 34,000 businesses listed in naplesplus, it is logical that it should be possible to create one.  »
My natural piano playing speeds in bpm! -  After playing the piano for 30 years, I figured it out!  »
Great short film - For your blossom -  Saw this on IFC this afternoon - had to track it down!  »
My response to a posting about displaying of status in computer mediated discussions. -  I got off track, but I still think it's interesting. The original article is at:  »
A little about Kenneth Udut
The trouble with online local networking -  Don't want a meat market? Don't already know the people? Then where do you go?  »
Add Doctors list -  Need to add doctor's list to naplesplus  »
Twitter Submitter - a program I wrote a few months back for submitting to
Collier County, Naples, Marco Island Community server
Damn pool! -  My brother - argh! - half the pool empty this morning...  »
Need a nice big "post a page" option too! -  On the front page that is.  »
Paranoia setting in! Horray! -  Should we explain ourselves?  »
Gr. - getting aggrevated! -  Ugh!  »

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Apple rumored to release smaller iPhone -  There are many people who like phones that are easier to hold in small hands or can fit more easily into their pockets  »
By Abigail Wilson, edited on Mar. 28
In Science
Phoebe Ray By Phoebe Ray, created on Dec. 15 2012
In Critter Info
Everything is made of waves. There are no particles in the universe. -  Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) Dr Milo Wolff  »
By simplify3, Atula Siriwardane, commented on Feb. 25 2012, 444
In Science
By Christine Hendel, created on Feb. 5 2012
In Critter Info
Does observation change the quantum state? -  This always bothered me about quantum theory. Observation, Wave function collapse, many worlds theory, probabilitity, etc.  »
By simplify3, Charles, commented on Aug. 19 2011, 444
In Science
Primal Supernova -  The Church of the Primal Supernova.  »
By Udut, Kenneth, commented on June 24 2011, 555
In Science
Armadillo Activity in Naples, FL increasing. -  Past week, Affordable Trapping has gotten a lot of calls for these hole-makers.  »
By Udut, Kenneth, edited on Sep. 7 2010, 555
In Critter Info
Millions of Bats at risk in US and Canada – White Nose Syndrome -  News Story Found by Affordable Trapping, Naples, FL 239-465-9291  »
By simplify3, Udut, Kenneth, edited on Aug. 9 2010
In Critter Info
Naples! Raccoons in the attic!? -  Call Ken at 239-465-9291 in Collier County FL [affordable trapping]  »
By Udut, Kenneth, published on June 23 2010, 444
In Critter Info
Decision-Making makes the brain tired. -  Too many choices? Even a few choices can tax the brain and make you inefficient and, well, stupid.  »
By simplify3, , link updated on Oct. 7 2009, 444
In Science
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management -  The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management is a non-profit, grant funded site that provides research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems.  »
By simplify3, , link updated on Oct. 7 2009, 444
In Critter Info
Talking with Author Milo Wolff, WSM -  WSM: Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter  »
By kudut, , link updated on Oct. 7 2009, 555
In Science
Everything is four dimensional (plus time) -  Why proteins fold, P=NP, four dimensions, four dimensional, 4th dimension, theory of everything  »
By simplify3, , link updated on Oct. 6 2009, 444
In Science
The Universe is a Hologram and we are really flatlanders. -  Forget Flat Earth Theory: How about Flat Universe Theory?  »
By Udut, Kenneth, edited on Sep. 12 2009, 555
In Science
Laws of physics discovered by computer program! -  Generating working rules from massive amounts of data is a dream of scientists. It's becoming a reality - read on...  »
By Udut, Kenneth, created on Apr. 9 2009, 444
In Science
Science cannot fully describe reality. Wins Templeton Prize. -  Bernard d'Espagnat, 87 brings a much needed perspective, and wins award.  »
By Udut, Kenneth, commented on Mar. 22 2009, 444
In Science
Are the rules of physics broken with NAKED SINGULARITIES? -  From Scientific American Jan 21st, 2009  »
By Udut, Kenneth, Brad Waugh, commented on Feb. 6 2009, 444
In Science
Looking forward to The Exterminators on A&E -  As a nuisance wildlife control company, we're dying to see what they'll do!  »
By Udut, Kenneth, commented on Jan. 22 2009, 444
In Critter Info
Quantum Levitation thanks to the Casimir force -  Repulsive Force can lead to advances in nanomechanical devices, which are becoming less science fiction and more science fact!  »
By Udut, Kenneth, created on Jan. 9 2009, 444
In Science
"Quantum" sums up Science in 2008. -  It's a Quantum Year in Physics for 2008! New discoveries that put us in a different place than we were in 2007.  »
By Udut, Kenneth, edited on Dec. 29 2008, 555
In Science
Outer space is closer than we thought! -  Earth's atmosphere stops a little closer to Earth than we had previously thought!  »
By Udut, Kenneth, created on Dec. 28 2008, 444
In Science
Quantum State of a Photon STORED on a new chip! By kenudut, Udut, Kenneth, edited on Dec. 28 2008, 444
In Science
Breaking the Rules is contagious! -  Hanging around losers changes your social norms, believe it or not.  »
By simplify3, created on Dec. 12 2008, 555
In Science
ANTI-MATTER IN THE BILLIONS -  Billions and billions of anti-matter particles created in small laboratory.  »
By simplify3, created on Nov. 26 2008, 555
In Science
Raccoon trapper in Naples, FL is NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping -  239-465-9291 ask for Ken (NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping)  »
By simplify3, image uploaded on Sep. 17 2008, 444
In Critter Info
Build your own atom! (shockwave) -  get your quarks! Get your quarks here!  »
By simplify3, created on Sep. 16 2008, 444
In Science
The universe is changing. God will soon be found. Large Hadron Collider now online. -  It is not online in Naples, FL, like naplesplus, but in Switzerland.  »
By simplify3, created on Sep. 11 2008, 444
In Science
Regarding the photon -  uncertainty principle, particle wave, wave function collapse, does reality require observation to exist, consciousness, tree falling in a forest, nature of time  »
By simplify3, edited on Aug. 10 2008, 444
In Science
getting a "sense" of it all (a repost from a philospohy forum) -  I don't know why I was so inspired and it needs severe editing - but the 'gist' of the ideas are captured below.  »
By simplify3, created on Aug. 9 2008, 444
In Science
THAT DARNED PHOTON (another repost) -  photons, quarks, massless particles, 4th dimension, uncertainty, belief=reality (only on a personal level, not as global reality), flatlanders, calculus  »
By simplify3, edited on Aug. 8 2008, 444
In Science
Is existance all in the mind? (repost) -  Is reality illusionary? Are we brains-in-vats? Or are we just incapable of understanding the totality of reality?  »
By simplify3, created on Aug. 8 2008, 555
In Science
herbertsmithite: a new state of matter? -  The universe is latticework! triangles? Oh my!  »
By simplify3, edited on Aug. 2 2008, 444
In Science
Physicists store images in vapor -  Quantum computing amazement!  »
By simplify3, created on Aug. 2 2008, 444
In Science
Zeno-effect: quick observations stops time, space and decay? -  One of the dumbest ideas around.  »
By simplify3, commented on Jul. 18 2008, 444
In Science