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Naplesplus is now CommonTag enabled!

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The new CommonTag (see ) will revolutionize the ease at which tags are shared.

One of the great missing pieces of the Internet with folksomy has been this:

bringing it all together.

Tagging on websites is very common, and very useful.

But how do you let not just people but computers know that there is more information available?

Enter CommonTags.

I wish I could describe it better, but here is the description from the homepage of commontags:

" Common Tag is an open tagging format developed to make content more connected, discoverable and engaging. Unlike free-text tags, Common Tags are references to unique, well-defined concepts, complete with metadata and their own URLs. With Common Tag, site owners can more easily create topic hubs, cross-promote their content, and enrich their pages with free data, images and widgets. "

Now my implementation of CommonTag may not be the greatest, but it should work. Basically (for now) every category (which is a tag) on this site links back to their category pages, not just via a normal href but also via the open tagging standard.

Eventually, the tags will also link back to dbpedia and freebase and other similar places. THAT'S when the power will be seen.

But for now, this basic implementation should tie together "What's a category" in a somewhat more proper manner.

Normalizing categories so that they fit in with what tags exist already out there in the RDFa world will be no easy task.

But it'll happen. For now, though, my little contribution to sindice and the semantic web should improve this brave new world just a little bit.

(now to go back and tag the internal content of this page --- wee)

Kenneth Udut Naples, Florida.
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Udut, Kenneth
from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Associate, 3508 posts
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on June 15 2009

Okay: For today, I've settled upon this format for the CommonTag implimentation on :

a typeof="ctag:Tag" rel="ctag:means" resource=" href="page-of-category-on-naplesplus" property="ctag:label" content="label" class="category" label /a

Is this correct? Well, to the best of my knowledge,it SHOULD work...but this is all new to me.

I may end up having to enclose the stuff in a -span- or otherwise seperate the TAG LABEL from the CATEGORY PAGE on my site.

It may require some duplication (a reference that's on freebase or dbpedia PLUS a reference to my own category page in a separate nested span) -- but I'll keep this until I hear from the "powers that be" that my format is: a) correct or b)incorrect

I'm a big believer in the Interlinking of data and if I can be even a small part of a grander new universe, I'm there!

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on June 16 2009

I myself only made a decision to try to implement RDFa in my website upgrade. I learned about CommonTag coding yesterday. It was only a couple of years ago that I implemented XHTML from standard HTML. I need a bot just to keep up with all the new W3C standards, never mind just recoding my site.

Good luck in your efforts!
Udut, Kenneth
from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Associate, 3508 posts
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on Jul. 14 2009

I'm temporarily removed the CommonTag as I think it was making my "html code --> content" ratio far too high.

Plus, when I would run it through an RDF syntax checker, the results were weird (every link ended up being tagged).

So, I will wait for it to be "fleshed out" some more, or until a syntax checker works for it... *sigh* - embracing new technologies has its ups and downs.
Naplesplus is now CommonTag enabled! The new CommonTag (see ) will revolutionize the ease at which tags are shared.