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URL SHORTENING VIA rev="canonical" and rel="self alternate shorter shorturl shortlink" now on naplesplus.

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It's little used yet, but support is growing.

Based on I decided to implement a built-in url shortening into

The URLs don't get THAT much shorter, but perhaps it will be easier for business owners to link to their pages.

For example, is also:

It's not much shorter, granted, but it's an improvement. Plus I've done all I can to properly support Google's recommendations regarding redirections, which have scared the heck out of me for a couple of years now. The shortcuts generate a 301 response which means that those go.php shortcuts tell the search engines that "the page we are going to is ABSOLUTELY the canonical form of this page".

flickr, and other big-wigs of the 'net are supporting this now, and so shall we.

I hope this support for future standards helps not only this website but most importantly, your Collier County business and your experience on naplesplus.

For human readers out there, the shortcut of each page (for those that have them) will be found at the bottom of the pages, next to the word "shortcut".

Kenneth Udut, webmaster.
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