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My mothers favorite bedroom hints

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Simplify your bedroom.

Some of my Bedroom Hints:

For space bags, I use two strong garbage bags together, place a vacuum hose at the other end of canister, hold the bag opening tight around the hose and have someone tie it shut quickly, after sucking out the air.

Buying two 6 packs of duplicate white socks instead of just one bag means no non-matching socks. The oldies go into the rag box to save on paper towels. Buy two matching pairs of socks. Rotate them. If you lose or get a hole in one, just rotate the other three. I would buy two of the same pantyhose. When I got a run in one leg of each pair, I cut off that leg and wore the two pantyhose together. Three pair for the price of two.

I use two different colored sheets, one ivory and one blue, so I can pull them apart easier when they are removed from the dryer. I do not fold and rotate linens. I wash them and put them right back on; the same with towels and curtains. What a time saver!

Hanging outfits together on one hanger saves a lot of time looking; and it avoids wrinkling. One out for one in, is a good rule for clothes as well as books; keeps down the clutter. For a hard to match color piece of clothing: matching with 2 items of solid black, light beige or white will usually pull an outfit together.

Colored hanger system: Dark hangers for special occasion outfits and hung in the back of the closet. White hangers with the hooks hung in one direction for clean, ready to wear. If an item gets taken out and not worn for whatever reason, hang it back with the hook going in the opposite direction. After doing this 2 or 3 times, analyze why it could not be worn and either fix it or get rid of it. I hang clear hangers with clips, on the hooks that are on the back of my bedroom door.  This is for hanging up clothes immediately after removing them, if I think I may wear them again - avoids wrinkles. On laundry day, I wash them or hang them back into the closet. Keeping the clothes on the same hanger, I can quickly spot the clear hangers and use a self dry cleaning bag in the dryer to dry clean them.

A bed dust ruffle not only hides storage boxes but the bed is partly made up.  A quilt is easier for bed making than a long quick-to-wrinkle bedspread.  Pulling the quilt and top sheet up before getting out of bed helps in the bed making process. Up north in the winter, when my children were young, they often slept in sleeping bags. In the morning they would roll it to the bottom. 

Buying shams is expensive. To make simple ones, a sewing machine is not necessary. You can use a ruler and stitch them by hand.  Just sew up the  material on three sides and hem the fourth one open.  Making valences or a bed runner (makes a good feet warmer) to match is just sewing four hems on a long piece of material. (leave two corners open for a rod on the valence.) I once made a set from a nice but too heavy quilt.
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My mothers favorite bedroom hints Simplify your bedroom.