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Uses for old garden hose

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Uses for Old Garden Hoses Don't throw away your old garden hoses there are many uses for them.• Cut chunks to use around trees when keeping them from leaning, just run wire or rope through the hose and tie to a stake in the ground.• Cut a piece the length of a flower pot, cut holes out of it so water will run out. Place in the middle of your pot and fill with dirt. Water in the hose and you won't wash out the dirt. Works great in strawberry planters so you don't knock the blooms off the plants.• If you have dogs that bother you when you walk take a short piece of hose with you, it is light weight and easy to use.• If the hose has a leak, purchase spigots made for drip hose, lay your hose through a flower bed or garden, drill holes where you want it to drip and insert more spigots. Works great along a row of bushes, you can leave it year round. Just drain it in the winter.• If you have to run an electric cord outside, slit the hose lengthwise, press your cord into the hose and the hose will protect your cord. Just cut it the length of your cord.• Use if for a cushion if your car barely fits into your garage, secure it to a board on the wall where your bumper will touch instead of your bumper hitting the wall, or on your boat dock, anyplace you need cushion.• Make a loop, attach to the ceiling in the garage and hang bicycles, tools or what ever without scratching them.• Attach a board to the wall of the garage, screw the hose to the board, make a loop large enough for a shovel handle, put in another screw, repeat as many times as you want.• Extend a funnel with a chunk.
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Uses for old garden hose