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Controlling Birdseed Growth

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Hints From Heloise

By Heloise Saturday, June 30, 2007; 12:00 AM

Controlling Birdseed Growth

Dear Heloise: I know I've seen in your column information on what to do with BIRD FEEDER SEED so that it will not sprout growth in the yard and garden, but I can't locate the article in my clippings. Could you please repeat the information? -- P. Davis, via e-mail

Here are several ways to help keep fallen birdseed from sprouting under your backyard bird feeders:

Put steppingstones or heavy plastic weighted with stones under bird feeders.

Use seeds without hulls.

Check with pet stores in your area to see if any carry birdseed that will not sprout.

Sunflower seeds can be put in feeders; when eaten, the empty hulls will fall to the ground below but will not sprout.

Also, cleaning under the bird feeders several times a week will help remove fallen birdseed and help avoid unwanted sprouting.

Hint: Store birdseed in a metal popcorn tin with a tightfitting lid to keep it fresh. And if you see mold or bugs, toss the birdseed.


Dear Readers: Heather Ferro of Mansfield, Conn., sent a photo of her two papillons, Tucker and Miah, who are playing tug of war with a toy.

If your newspaper doesn't print the pet photo, be sure to go to my Web site,, and click on Pet of the Week -- you'll find Tucker and Miah's picture there! Also, if you have a great or unusual pet photo you'd like to share, send it to: Heloise/Pet Photo, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX 78279-5000.


Dear Heloise: You've mentioned using foam peanuts as bedding material in the past, but we've discovered another nifty bedding material.

When the document shredder was full, we emptied it into plastic grocery bags and threw them into a cardboard box, then discovered that one of our cats had made a bed in it. The paper in the bags had compressed to form a perfect mold of the cat's body. Soon our other cat was fighting the first one over this comfortable bed, so we made a second one for her.

Free plastic bags from the grocery store and free shredded paper have resulted in beds more comfortable than ones from the pet store. -- M.T., via e-mail

Recycling at its best, and for your pets, too! Read on for another "comfortable pet" hint.


Dear Heloise: I thought I would share something that I do for my two Chihuahuas, Pepper and Sadie.

They simply go wild when I ask them, "Do you want a warm and toasty blankie?" (old flannel sheets I no longer use that are put in the clothes dryer for five to 10 minutes). They patiently sit in front of the dryer until I open the door to remove the "warm and toasty" blankies for them. They turn, run to the sofa and snuggle up in their cozy, warm place. Oddly, they understand that other clothing removed from the dryer is not for them to climb into. -- Rand Newsom, Baton Rouge, La.

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Controlling Birdseed Growth