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Embarassed! New users were unable to see our front page for WEEKS now, and I had *no* idea!

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A knot in my stomach, to realize all of that advertising was totally wasted.

A letter posted to:

::: banging head against wall ::: it wasn't my server at ALL.

I kept blaming them. Yes, you're right, Cheese. It HASN'T been up for new users, and I had NO IDEA!

Here's how stupid I was: I had my cookies setup. My site worked great with ANYBODY who had previously registered. But when I upgraded to the latest version of my content management software (which I will stick with unless they can't fix this issue within a few weeks, then I'll be rehauling the site), anonymous surfers could NO LONGER see the main page! They could see every other page -- a search in Google, yahoo, altavista, ask, wherever... it worked fine.

[do a search for naplesplus and I'm all over the place]

BUT: since I did all of my development on this computer, and I was so focused on search engines (who saw my main page just fine 'cause they had their cookies already setup), that I didn't realize that NEW USERS couldn't get on - unless they got in through one of the other pages on my site (where they could see the Register / Login / etc). AND, once you've logged in, the main page worked just great.


So, it's probably been not working for the past three weeks for new users who type in/clicked on - and that really stinks. Really really stinks.

[don't rub it in if you'd be so kind ]

I should've known: a nice Alexa tracking alternative, could not see my site.

Lynx text browser could not see my site.

Folks on this website were telling me about it, well, you and two others. That's three major reasons to check under every rock. But this is a rock I missed.

Even the folks on (Naples Daily News) could see it since the people most likely to visit were regulars to the Comments/Opinions and had already had their cookies on their computers when I made the switch to the upgraded software.

So, it's not my host. They've had their downs and ups. It was me.

So what I did this afternoon is that I made a far less exciting opening page (one that isn't created automatically by the software, which is YACS 7.6.3) and I'm going to work with the software developer until he & I can get this figured out.

But in any case, my site *is* up and working. I'll stop the blatent advertising on this forum as anybody who was turned off will probably STAY turned off (and rightly so) and those who found my site through google from this site and were successful will stay regular users.

But I thank you, cheese and others for beta testing my site. It was a BIG BIG BIG bug, one that only occurs in a single circumstance (an unregistered user who never visited before (with no cookies) accessing the single main page) - but that affected some people in a negative way.

Thanks for your honesty.

-Ken, who is embarasses by his site's front page but at least it works now (and the rest of the site is working perfectly as it had been)

See for all Collier County (and some Lee County too!)
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Embarassed! New users were unable to see our front page for WEEKS now, and I had *no* idea! A knot in my stomach, to realize all of that advertising was totally wasted.