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Molar Pregnancy. How to get the support you need, recover effectively and prepare for future pregnancy by Clauda Gordon released by Adhurst Publishing

Molar pregnancies affect many thousands of women across the globe each year. They are a type of pregnancy in which something goes wrong during the fertilization stage that means the pregnancy is not viable, leading to heartbreak for those affected. This new book by writer Claudia Gordon aims to explain this condition and give some hope to those affected.

Many women who’ve experienced a molar pregnancy have complained that their doctors and hospitals haven’t properly explained what a molar pregnancy is or sufficiently answered all the questions they have. Claudia, who has experienced molar pregnancy herself, gives answers to many of those questions including; Do I have a complete molar pregnancy or a partial molar pregnancy and what do these terms means? What are the causes and treatment for molar pregnancy? Is pregnancy after molar pregnancy possible and how long do I have to wait? What is happening to my hCG levels? Will my molar pregnancy develop into cancer? In a twin molar pregnancy can one baby survive?

Author Ms Gordon says, “My molar pregnancy devastated both my husband and I but what we found particularly frustrating was the lack of information out there. We found a few helpful forums but other than that we didn’t know where to turn for hard facts and advice on recovery and especially pregnancy after molar pregnancy, which was something we wanted to achieve as soon as we could. We were also shocked that doctors didn’t even seem to be clear what constitutes molar pregnancy symptoms or even have all the relevant statistics. This sent us on a quest for answers and during our research we met with over twenty leading experts on molar pregnancyand fertility both in the US and the UK. I really wanted to share some of the information I have learnt. Without it I wouldn’t have my two wonderful children.”

Managing Director of publisher Adhurst Publishing Julia Thistleton-Smith commented, “We couldn’t be more delighted to be publishing Claudia’s book. She is an incredibly warm and generous writer and advance copies of her book have been exceptionally well received. Many people who’ve had this condition will understand just how much fear and uncertainty the diagnosis brings and this book aims to provide the reader with actual practical advice and information to help them both recover and, should they desire, to get pregnancy again fast.” Molar Pregnancy by Claudia Gordon is available from bookshops worldwide and via Amazon.

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NEW BOOK ON MOLAR PREGNANCY RELEASED Molar Pregnancy. How to get the support you need, recover effectively and prepare for future pregnancy by Clauda Gordon released by Adhurst Publishing