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Bismarck's ND salt cave has opened just in time for a Spring allergies


Bismarck's ND salt cave has opened just in time for a Spring allergies

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1888PressRelease - This new center offers cave sessions, sauna, skin care, and relaxation treatments.

Bismarck - Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, North America's foremost expert on Himalayan salt, is pleased to announce the opening of a new salt cave creation in Bismarck. The Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center is owned and operated by Agata Zidon and her husband - a Polish-American couple who wish to bring their cultural heritage from Europe to the people of North Dakota.

"I moved to the USA in 2011 and I noticed that one of my favorite places to go for relaxation was nowhere to be found in Bismarck or in the state of North Dakota," says Agata Zidon, owner of The Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center.

The lack of availability of such a facility in Bismarck struck both Zidon and Dr. Smiechowski as an opportunity to bring a traditional European approach to the region.

Salt Caves A traditional salt cave is designed to support relaxation and general wellbeing. The walls and floor are covered with Himalayan crystal salt. When combined with music, lighting and zero gravity chairs, the salt cave promotes an environment with therapeutic properties. Because of the unique healing power, salt caves have become more and more popular and are especially attractive for people who live in big cities and towns, as well as inhabitants of the plains and mountains. People all over the world seek salt caves for treatment, rehabilitation and relaxation in an attractive and healthy environment.

"Before moving here I would often go to a salt cave in my home city to distress and unwind from the busy life I led," added Zidon. "Salt cave sessions helped to improve my wellbeing and also revitalized my skin. My Polish friends use salt caves when they have sinus problems, allergy, a common cold or just want to relax."

Research on the benefits of Himalayan salt is conducted regularly in Russia, China, and Poland, and has supported the belief that halotherapy, the clinical use of salt, is highly beneficial for the respiratory system. In other parts of the world, Himalayan salt therapy is used for a wide variety of medical purposes, but salt caves like these in the United States are hailed for their relaxation benefits.

In addition to Salt cave sessions, the center offers far-infrared sauna sessions (is far-infared sauna spelled correctly? Ive never heard of such a thing) which detoxify bodies, purify skin, and promote pain relief and relaxation. The facility also offers a variety of massage treatments such as: deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, bamboo massage, hot stone massage, herbal stamps massage, and coconut bowl massage.

Inside the center's retail store are special Himalayan salt products which can serve as either beautiful home decor or unique gifts for loved ones.

Dr. Smiechowski built her first salt cave at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, Vermont, and has built many additional caves around the country. She is known for innovative designs that combine the most recent technology with the healing benefits and beauty of the pink salt. For more information, please contact Dr. Margaret Smiechowski at802-770-3138, saltcavevt ( @ ) gmail dot com, or to see her caves, visit: http://saltcavebuilder dot com dot

About The Salt Cave Wellness Relaxation Center The center is located at 1001W Interstate Ave suite 120, Bismarck, ND 58503.

For more information please contact (701) 751-7258, saltcavend ( @ ) saltcavend dot com, or visit:
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Bismarck's ND salt cave has opened just in time for a Spring allergies
 1888PressRelease - This new center offers cave sessions, sauna, skin care, and relaxation treatments.