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New Ad Agency Launches with aTrue Pay-for-Performance Model


New Ad Agency Launches with aTrue Pay-for-Performance Model

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Industry veterans create a new company to address the broken payment relationship between clients and advertising agencies

Los Angeles, CA, July 11, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ – KPI Boutique is launching a new agency model that allows businesses to only pay for results without having to deal with retainers or hourly fees. KPI Boutique's new model evolves performance marketing to "partnering for performance" by having a vested interest in the success of the ad campaign.

Co-Founded by Nico Coetzee and Chad Childress, industry veterans from ad networks WPP and inVentiv Health, KPI Boutique was created to fill a significant gap between what clients were asking for and how the large agency networks deliver their services.

"Today's advertiser is much more sophisticated than even 5 years ago," said Nico Coetzee, co-founder and CEO. "Clients want nimble, measurable services, and a guarantee that their efforts will generate actual business results. But there's too much bureaucracy and red tape for the networks to adjust their pricing and delivery models to meet the needs of their clients. We saw it in the failed Publicis/Omnicom merger: the industry is so focused on size and consolidation, that it forgot what clients actually want and need. Attribution and effectiveness measurement have come a long way, but the problem isn't attribution, it's conflict and inefficiency."

While some performance marketing agencies exist, they still primarily work on traditional pay by the hour or retainer based models.

For many advertisers the widespread adoption and continued growth of digital marketing came with the promise of solving the question of whether or not a marketing tactic worked due to its highly measureable nature, but the conflict between agency goals and client goals still exists in many cases.

"When an agency is focused on deliverables and hourly rates, the incentive is naturally to bill as many hours as possible," said Chad Childress, co-founder and president. "But remove that conflict of interest, and the value and collaboration is staggering; agencies truly become creative extensions of the client's own internal organization."

KPI Boutique's approach is to tie their compensation to the success of the ad campaign through identifying what an advertiser's goals are and getting paid a pre-defined amount whenever that goal is achieved, whether it is a sale, hitting a profit margin threshold, a CRM sign-up, or any other goal an advertiser has for their business.

Advertisers can learn more about KPI Boutique's "Performance Partnering" marketing delivery model by visiting

About KPI Boutique: KPI Boutique is a performance marketing agency that services mid to large size companies through a unique performance partnering delivery model. KPI boutique offers a full range of marketing and advertising services with a specialty in digital and direct marketing tactics.

Contact: Nico Coetzee, CEO and Co-Founder, KPI Boutique, 949.232.0220, Twitter: @kpiboutique,

Press Contact: Nico Coetzee CEO and Co-Founder KPI Boutique Laguna Hills, CA 92654 949.232.0220
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New Ad Agency Launches with aTrue Pay-for-Performance Model