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California has allowed the non physicians to perform abortion


California has allowed the non physicians to perform abortion

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In this news it states that non physician can do abortion.

5th March 2015 California ( Permission to perform abortion by non physicians is granted by California, which is claimed as a positive sigh in gaining access by abortion supporters. Since 2011 legislation were passed in order to restrict abortion by 30 states which had become a trend. This trend was dumped in 2013 by passing the Assembly bill 154 which allowed the mid-levels to perform surgical and medical abortions.

Mary Davenport claimed this decision of the state to be a Bad policy relied on bad research. She is a gynecologist- obstetrician MD,FACOG, practicing in San Fransisco. She is also a medical director for Magnificat Maternal Health Program in Nigeria, she supports the reversal technique of medical abortion which is used with RU -486. Davenport criticized a study that was carried out by Tracy Weitz PhD, last month at American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists which was released in the American Journal of Public Health which established the safety aspect with performing between non physicians and physicians. Davenport claimed that Weitz had issued the conclusion before the research initiation.

Weitz initiated the research to ensure the safety of women who were monitored by nonphysicians, nurse midwives, during their abortion procedure. Non inferiority design was chosen by researchers as they had anticipated a bit high number of complications in the abortions performed by these non physicians and nurse-midwives. Before the study started the benchmark difference of risk was 2%. In order to perform better than the physicians who were experienced the non physicians had to make sure the complications were less bad than 2%. The Data and Clinical Safety Monitoring Committee accepted and approved the risk level researchers set which establishes clinical and logical concerns. As per the Committee the past studies complications were in the range of 1.3% to 4.4%.

The rate of complications among nonphysicians and physicians were compared by the researchers as the mid level non physicians were trained for competence. The nonphysicians and physicians were performing 11,487 abortions out of which 5,812 were performed by experienced physicians and 5,675 were performed by non physicians.

Within 4 weeks of the study 1.3% of complications were discovered by Weitz and her fellow colleagues. Researchers claimed a clinically equivalent result of 0.9 % among 1.8% of nonphysicians with a 0.87% of risk difference.

Davenport argued Weitz's research results to be unrealistically low at the AAPLOG conference. Davenport referred to Finland's national health registry study data which showed complications with surgical abortions is less 5 % than complications with medical abortion is 20% which was published in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2009. Davenport also stated that it was unfair to not show the original charts to the reviewers.

However division budget manager and senior communication associate of Guttmacher Institute stated that reviewers can see the manuscript of the article is a standard practice as it does not fit the standard protocol.

Senior state issues associate at Guttmacher Institute stated that the aim for the research was to find out if the experienced physicians are well the right candidate for providing the services by initiating a test and researching the results. He also added that the results proved that non physicians were appropriate than experienced physicians to perform the process.

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California has allowed the non physicians to perform abortion
 In this news it states that non physician can do abortion.