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Forgotten Cures: Constipation

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Constipation * Castor oil: Most dreaded of all. Given if "you are looking a little bilious and need a good cleaning out". Also seemed to be helpful if you had been disrespectful (real or imagined) to adult. Dennis Palmer * Castoria, it was a children's laxative. G C Bailey * I grew up on cod liver oil or castor oil in orange juice. It was supposed to disguise the taste and go down easier. It was the annual cathartic or purgative that was to "clean us out". Winnie Brower * Paprika Jinx Dopson * Back in '29 my mother gave me a small pink Calomel pill which did the trick. Later the treatment was Castoria. This was kept in the kitchen with the spices and was more than once used by mistake for Vanilla when cooking... Whoops!!!![Mary Kay Surguine * Eat a handful prunes or raisins, or drink prune or grape juice. A swig of mineral oil will also help lubricate the system. Rosanna * My Grandfather used 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts to a glass of water for constipation. FYI it is still listed on the box as a relief for constipation. Gloria * For constipation: eat dandelion; flowers, greens, or roots dandelion, little yellow weeds that everyone seems to hate is a natural antiviral and a mild laxative. Chas * i was constipated once, and my husband gave me warm apple juice. A few mins later, i was in the bathroom. It really works. He got it from his grandpa. Lori
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Forgotten Cures: Constipation