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Strawberry Spread

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Yield: 1 servings

1 ts Unflavored Gelatin 6 Packets Equal
1/4 c Orange Juice 1 tb Orange Peel Slivers
1 c Mashed OR Pureed Fresh 1/4 ts Coriander

In Small Saucepan, Sprinkle Gelatin Over Orange Juice. Let Stand 1
Min. Heat Over Low Heat Until Gelatin Is Dissolved + Mixture Comes To
A Boil. Remove From Heat And Stir Into Strawberries. Add Remaining
Ingredients And Stir To Blend. Refrigerate Until Firm, 3 To 4 Hours.
Best When Used Within 1 Week. (Makes 1 Cup OR 16 Servings, 1 T. Each.)

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Strawberry Spread<br />