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Kenneth Udut

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Kenneth Udut is getting everywhere.

Wow, Kenneth Udut really is getting everywhere online.

He is on a lot of websites now. I think Ken Udut is nuts.

Plus, there's no WAY he's on all of these sites, but Mr. Udut is. Has Ken Udut no shame?

Apparently not. Still, it's good that he is keeping up with all of this web 2.0 crap otherwise he wouldn't be able to be running

And yeah, that's me.

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Simplify3 on Oct. 4 2007 edit · delete
Let's see what the s-p-a-m-me-r---s make of that. The true colors of the peskier of robots should have a field day with that. I honestly hope not, though, as who needs the frustration?

Still with a spock score of 399 which apparently is in the top 1% of spock, I must be doing alright. I just went around and collected as many of my profiles as i could and seemed to be the easiest place to do it.

Ken Udut, webmaster of
Simplify3 on Dec. 18 2007 edit · delete

Simplify3 on May 7 2008 edit · delete
A meaningless name that appears everywhere.

You'll never find me here.
Kenneth Udut Kenneth Udut is getting everywhere.