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Spock yourself!

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Do you google yourself? Try spocking yourself!

Have you spocked yourself today?

A quiet roar is being heard across the world, across the web.

Do you have a profile on myspace? On friendster? Hi5?

Then you've been spocked! Go to and search for your name. There is a good chance that the Spock Robot has found you and you've been indexed and are findable on spock.

Spock is a people search engine. Its simple to use interface hides the amazing technology behind it and the powerful philosophy which guides it.

You don't need to join to get a profile - you probably have one already. If you want to see what the web sees about you, you have the Spock yourself and find out.

It picks up various attributes you've given yourself, such as single or married, "graduate of xx high school", and the like. Your friends may have tagged you with "hazel eyes", "wears glasses", "fun guy".

This is not a site to be ignored. It may look like a kitten, but it is really a lion! Business professionals are already utilizing spock to help find their contacts. Reporters use spock to assist in their research. Friends are finding lost friends, old classmates are connecting -- and isn't even really a social network - it is a people search engine.

Accuracy is important on Spock. You are free to tag other people with accurate attributes, and other members vote on your accuracy, as do computer algorythms. If others like it, your spock power goes up. If not, spock power may go down.

Similar to how eBay's thumbs up / thumbs down approach keeps people doing honest business on eBay, spock power encourages honest tagging.

You can also connect people together - one of my personal favorite activities on spock. I linked everybody I could find in my high school graduation class, which was very small, as "classmate" - so when they DO discover - that they've been SPOCKED - and they WILL - they will be pleased to find out that they can look up old classmates.

So, SPOCK YOURSELF today. Spock your favorite celebrity - they probably have a profile. Spock your neighbor. Spock your boss. Spock your kids.

Spock yourself and improve its accuracy: before someone else spocks you!!

Kenneth Udut - and yes, you can "spock me".
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Simplify3 on Feb. 11 2008 edit · delete
P.S. - comments are welcome here!

Also, be sure to visit a great interview with Jay Bhatti, co-founder of

Where Jay has been spock'd:

The wonderful interview by Stan Relihan - you can spock him here - - is found at:

Kenneth Udut, who can be spocked:
Simplify3 on Feb. 11 2008 edit · delete
Spock is a verb. It refers to the people search engine,

Usage: Spock me! - telling someone to look you up on

You've been spocked! - an imperative for someone to look up their spock profile because something has changed, usually positively, like a new picture, a new tag added, a new link, a new relationship.

Kenneth Udut can be spocked at - to be spocked at means - this is the URL of that person's profile.
Spock yourself! Do you google yourself? Try spocking yourself!