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Everything is four dimensional (plus time)

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Aug. 1 2008, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

Why proteins fold, P=NP, four dimensions, four dimensional, 4th dimension, theory of everything


Everything is four dimensional (with time on top).

Why do proteins fold the way they do? Are there internal instructions in the DNA that tell it how to fold in the most efficient way?

No. I don't think so.

I think EVERYTHING STRIVES TO BE A POINT in four dimensional space.

We see liquid in zero-gravity strives to be a sphere. Why? Because it's striving to be a point in four dimensional space. Not from any internal processes, but rather it's a natural product of being in a universe of four spatial dimensions.

We need a new math to describe this, I think.

It explains gravity - heck, I had this explanation given when I was a little boy reading about black holes - the rubber sheet with the bowling ball in the middle and little ball bearings going around and around to describe gravity in the 4th dimension.

It MUST be the reason why proteins fold. They're not folding - they're FALLING TO A RESTING POINT.

They're moving in the 4th dimension, but it looks like folding to us. In the 4th dimension, from our perspective, there is access to the outside of things, the inside of things, the sideways of things, the everything of things. We could perceive a slice of it (much like an MRI sees a 3 dimensional brain by taking slices of it and putting it back together in a computer) --- a slice of it would be imagining a sphere with forces equally pushing the outside in, and other forces equally pushing the insides out. And pushing the particles apart sideways (like a balloon expanding) and pushing the particles together (like a deflating balloon). That would be just one "slice" of the four dimensional object.

We are all four dimensional. Every quark on up.

Our brains work 4 dimensionally. That's what intuition is. It's not a "leap" - a sudden eureka where you can't explain the steps of how you got there until afterwards. It's equivilant to trying to traverse a cave while working through it (brute force, always take the left hand wall, etc)versus working with a sketch of the maze and seeing it from a 3 dimensional perspective - top down. It's much easier.

That's what intuition is. That's why quarks seem to disappear - they are simply not visible because they're in a part of the 4th dimension that we can't see just yet.

That's where the dark matter/dark energy is. It's in the 4th dimension where you can't see it, but you can feel its effects and calculate its mass, rather like an apple resting on a piece of paper. A 2 dimensional being could measure the effects of that apple on the paper by how it curves the paper and calculate all of this MASS but not be able to SEE (ie - photons in our universe) THE WHOLE APPLE.

That's where MASS IS! Why can't we find "Mass"? Is it a boson field? or a boson particle? NO.

It's simply a higher dimension. You can smash particles all you want but you'll never see EVERYTHING.

Imagine a 2 dimensional particle accelerator.

You smash two three dimensional objects together. It makes a big explosion. and you see particles you never saw before. THOSE PARTICLES WERE HIDING IN PARTS OF THE 4TH DIMENSION THAT WE CAN'T SEE. The thing smashes to bits but only what falls down back to your dimension (like a piece of paper) will be visible. The rest didn't fall down to your dimension (didn't fall back down to the paper that your accelerator is on), so it is invisible to you.

Where does the energy come from in atomic shells? Why do they seem to "jump"to different levels? They don't jump - it's a smooth move but in the 4th dimension, but it's RUBBING AGAINST SOMETHING IN THE 4TH DIMENSION. IT'S 4TH DIMENSIONAL FRICTION! The explosion you see is the 4th dimensional equivilent of heat when two things rub together.

It's like a flatlander living on a piece of 3 dimensional paper briefly chipping off a piece of the paper. All of these otherwise hidden particles will suddenly appear (bits of paper that you didn't know existed, because you didn't know you lived on a piece of 3 dimensional paper)

Man, we need some 4 dimensional geometry BAD. If we could represent 3 dimensional objects in a four dimensional way, I think a LOT of weird things in the UNIVERSE would make sense, suddenly.

It would make all encryption useless, for if you could see all permutations (and permutations or probabilities or possibilities are just a sadly overly detailed representation of a simpler 4th dimensional state) at once, then every puzzle would be as easy to solve as a newspaper maze.



Simplify3 on Aug. 1 2008 edit · delete
NOTE: boson field = Higgs boson or higgs field.
Simplify3 on Aug. 1 2008 edit · delete
I try not to think of protein folding in 5 dimensions at once (including time) - it is too much to bear (the protein already exists in the final shape with the function it has) -- keep my time linear for now.

When we enter a cave, the cave hole is a 2 dimensional opening (like walking through a sheet of paper sideways), we are three dimensional beings traversing fundamentally 2 dimensional cave.

But if the cave hole is a three dimensional cave hole, then when we enter the cave hole, we DISAPPEAR.

A three dimensional hole would lead to a four dimensional structure. Man, a three dimensional doorway... that's where quarks go. They go thorugh a three dimensional "hole" in the fourth dimension and seem to vanish, only to "pop up" again through another hole in the 4th dimension that leads to our 3 dimensional plane.

It's starting to make sense - get out the straightjackets folks. [and i'm sorry for misspelling "spacial" - I had "space" in mind.
Simplify3 on Aug. 1 2008 edit · delete
Okay: whew. I'm GLAD someone thought of this already. It just made TOO MUCH SENSE to not investigate.

Good ol' energy landscapes.

See the following brain-straining article (god, I hate math):
Everything is four dimensional (plus time) Why proteins fold, P=NP, four dimensions, four dimensional, 4th dimension, theory of everything