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Wilson Plaza new store openings (Naples, FL)

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more updates found here.

has more updates on stores open @ Wilson Plaza in Golden Gate Estates (Naples, FL - Collier County FL)

It's news that's VERY local in nature, but otherwise very difficult to get, so I took it upon myself to help these folks out. Image Tan (Tanning Salon) has been extremely successful in its one month since opening, and having a handy-dandy Tax Collector's office, scary as it sounds, is a good thing! (the people in there are VERY nice and will get your hunting/fishing license, help you pay your traffic tickets, get you your driver's license validated and all that kind of stuff). The Pak & ship place (hill's pak and mail plus) now does postal service (USPS) - international shipping, and has a drop box for post office stuff so that you don't have to leave it in your mailbox @ home with the flag up. Farmer Jack's now offers sub sandwiches... all kinds of stuff happening

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Wilson Plaza new store openings (Naples, FL) more updates found here.