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Don't worry about the coyotes, Naples Florida.

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There have been a lot of hysteria over coyotes in SWFLA (especially in Collier and Lee Counties) and as one who runs an animal trapping company: DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE COYOTES.

We've gone to coyote jobs before, and to be honest, we don't like doing it. They take FOREVER to catch, nobody ever wants to pay for it - even the Florida Fish & Wildlife doesn't come out when someone calls about coyotes. THEY'RE A FACT OF LIFE living around here, just like the occasional bears, or the alligators in the water.

If you want to avoid having to call an animal trapping company:

1) Keep cat food OFF of your lanai! This is probably #1. All wild animals seem to LOVE dry cat food. Do not feed feral cats. If you feed your cats outside, BRING THE BOWLS IN at night.

2) Trim overhanging trees that touch the roof of your house. THIS WILL HELP KEEP PALM RATS OUT OF YOUR ATTIC. It's a simple thing, and fewer people would have to call us for rat problems if they simply did that. They'd probably also save on insect pest control if they did that.

3) KEEP YOUR GARBAGE SECURE. This will help with bear and raccoon problems. Put your garbage in the garage or, if like us, you don't have a garage, build a shed to hold the garbage and recycling bins.

4) If you hear about coyotes in your neighborhood, BRING your cats in at night. Coyotes LOVE rabbits - it is their favorite treat. But if they can't find a rabbit, they also like cats, as they are similar looking.

Coyote encounters are very RARE and there's no need to panic. These are simple things you can do to help reduce the need to call a trapper.

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Thomas Hardesty on Mar. 28 2009 edit · delete
A month or so ago, I saw a Coyote in Falling Waters off Collier Blvd., and East Tamiami trail. My neighbor also this past week spotted one on Everett Street in East Naples.They are very spooky, as when I tried to follow it, it kept a major distance in front of me, finally running into the wooded area.It was more afraid of me, than me of it.
Don't worry about the coyotes, Naples Florida.