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Looking forward to The Exterminators on A&E

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As a nuisance wildlife control company, we're dying to see what they'll do!

A new message board for the a&e show The Exterminators is on the A&E Insider site. Here's my thoughts below:

" I just learned about The Exterminators last night around our campfire here in Naples, Florida.

We're looking forward to The Exterminators. It's not so much the bugs, because we aren't involved with them, or things like alligators, which are highly regulated in Florida, but the regular nuisance wildlife trapping like rats, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, snakes, bats, bees...

We're dying of curiousity as to how they take care of things, what "trade secrets" they might reveal (I suspect not too many, just as the Dog Whisperer doesn't reveal trade secrets of the dog training community, or Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn't reveal trade secrets about Bounty Hunting)... how their philosophy about animals meshes with our own...

Most people don't even know that this type of business exists. I'm not 100% sure what a crazy family of pest control and animal control operators will do for business. Will they expect us to come to the door wearing leather, wrestling snakes to the ground with our bare hands? Chasing after rats with a hammer?

Since the show hasn't aired yet, we don't know WHAT to expect!

But we'll be anxiously waiting!

Who knows? Maybe we'll have to jazz up our business to meet a set of customer expectations produced by the show "

Kenneth Udut, Naples, Florida NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping 239-465-9291
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Udut, Kenneth on Jan. 22 2009 edit · delete
Woah. I was just looking at some of the pictures of the upcoming show. Skull & Crossbones? A coffin shelf? A comic book? Well,they're definitely a dedicated family!
Looking forward to The Exterminators on A&E As a nuisance wildlife control company, we're dying to see what they'll do!